Manifesting Magic

There is a moment in time. The old crumbles in the same instant as the new dawn comes. It's always like that and it happens now, and now, and now and all the time. Micro to macro.

A new creation. So easy it is to manifest anew. The Universes aligns and agrees. Nods, bows, obliges, accepts and smiles. Co-creates. Conspires. (‘Conspire’ means ‘breathe together’, not plotting something sordid!) Cooperates.

So smooth the song comes. The new song of creation. How easy and natural magic is. When you act according to plan, that’s how it all falls into being. Spotting that which cannot be and as soon as you name it, it dissolves. It is removed from the world. It has no vibration anylonger and thus ceases to exist. Dissipates. Ask for the falling away and it is done. Such words can create entire worlds. Solar systems. Lunar ones too. Parallelism. Mirrors. Alternates.

That’s how easy magic is. Asking for what resonates and vibrates with purpose according to intent and manifestation. But you need to know and hear your Soul’s plan. The wisdom it has. The seed within. Listen to the inner voice that has the answers.

It’s good to do this walk alone. Clearing and cleansing the parts through space and time and endless alternate dimensions that still find something to cling to in the now, that has nothing to do with now. But through present fear and weakness it finds that little hook to attach itself to and creates again the same barriers and obstacles that existed then, and if we’re not sharp and aware, it will keep us prisoners to that eternal old shit and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Like Sisyphus carrying the same rock up the mountain again and again.

‘Wait a minute! I have done this a zillion times, and I know it will roll back down. Maybe it’s time I just decide that I am done with it. That it is not my purpose this time around. May it be done and finished. May I manifest anew. Manifest and choose a life in peace, faith, trust, love, light and joy, as is rightfully mine, and mine to share and give away.’

There is something clearer here speaking right through. A stronger voice, a voice that has one vibration. Love. Love is speaking through me, loud and clear, and against that nothing can stand or live. There is just that. Love. The clarity suddenly, that there is but one thing standing in the way now. I’m not here to keep repeating mistakes and old karma. I’m here to live with love. And learn to be in it without the walls. To be healed through it. And then it flows from me too. Simply.


That choice. That moment. Spotting your evil Twin within. She looks just like you, and she is very convincing, cause she has reason, she does! Things were horrible. Things were painful. People died and stuff. People left and stuff. She keeps conjuring up all kinds of scenarios and tells me I need to be careful. Alert. Constantly waiting for another blow.

So one morning I told her, ‘...Look.. it’s not you, it’s me. I can’t do this anymore. I am DYING to love and be loved! Literally living dead like this, not being able to because of you and your constant mind games and Days of our Lives drama! You are not the authentic me, and you are really keeping me from living the life I know I’m here to live, and all that stuff you keep reminding me about, is not NOW. It happened a long time ago. In a time when I wasn’t strong and couldn’t handle it. But that is not now. I’m really ok. I’m doing good. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m not in it anymore. But you keep creating it again and again. Keep convincing me, I am weak, I am dark and depressed, a jinx, a destructive Kali that creates this mess again and again. I am not defeated. I am not ruined. I am not unhappy, lonely or miserable. I just keep identifying with it, because I don't know what's on the other side of it... And you know, it’s ruining my relationship, my time, my life. I am wasting it on expecting the worst, and I am here to be JOY. I came here armed with exactly that, which makes me strong enough to do this. I came with a heart full of authentic love, an inner sky of carefully considered constellation of skills to shift and raise my vibration… I know who I am now… ....So.. you need to go!’

The crash and the clatter as that dark angel fell to ground.

Shocked. Bewildered. Angry, cause she is dying. And that kind of death spasm is .. well… interesting. She has no house in me anymore, but she’s still here. Trying. She tries. It will be a while yet before she leaves, and that’s ok, it’s getting easier now I know she is NOT me.

To flow freely and operate in consciousness you need to know your evil twin; the one thing that will constantly challenge you. Make you stand firm and tall. Determined on where you want to be, who to be. If there’s a split, there’s a split. Accept it. That’s step one. This one experience is a blessing, cause it will make you sharp and unwilling to compromise or settle with anything that is not LOVE.

All the other things will follow. I’m sure of it.

In this alone time I feel like coming home, breathing, being free, but most importantly I feel JOY arise within. The joy from that endless source, to which I am always always connected.

There is magic in the world still. After all. I have no idea what happens next. But I KNOW what I came here for. And for NOW, that’s pretty cool. Being.