Two Suns in the making

We go by the Moon time.

The wild ones, the ones who still breathe gently through the knowing of the times. The wisdom to pause and reflect and let dust settle. Energy resolve into real things that matter. Still we question what is real.

Those times of true beauty and golden happiness we know were all that mattered, they are still fresh and still possess an air of symmetry to the patterns we subdue our actions to, not sure if our reasons are right. The programmed mind that expects fear over love and freedom, must survive and thus powerfully and effectually convincing tells us, this now, is probably the right thing to do. Probably. Cause and effect. Or affect? How linked we are to our emotional responses. Can we cut through? Can we change perspective but a little, to change, to shift?

Is there still hope here? Is there still a path? Can we still be inspired to understand our trials and tests are here to shape and mold anew? To shed the old ways. To be cleansed and sharp? The only true version of ourselves in a healthier way? When the responsibility is claimed, the strength regained, do we then see clearer? Act faster? Do the only thing, whether culturally and socially accepted, we truly have to do? Cut through fear and overthinking? Judgment and rational consequence analysis that is completely stripped from that one emotional engagement that may seem inappropriate but the ONLY way forward? Do we dare to go where no one has gone before? Isn’t that being absolutely curious? Changing our lives forever? Being not only on one true adventure, but expanding and stretching our capacity for unconditional love, though it may require selfless accepting of what is, for the better for the other, and then in reality oneself, the group, the world? Isn't that aligning your axis to purpose? And making Space and encouragement for everyone to do the same?

When there is nothing left to lose but the mind, that kept you your own prisoner, in shackles and enslaved to a rhythm that has no soul, no vibe? That doesn’t let your soul shine and the heart sing?

If your heart is not singing and your soul not rejoicing from the challenges that expand your vision, what is life then worth?

If fear has gripped you so tight and the illusion of hurt has made you depressed, then are you no longer aware of who you truly are? Endless love. Infinite light.

Endless love and infinite ‘light… Only shines from those who share.. But you’re dead inside.’ (Muse)

Can we hide forever? Or do we not need to engage again? Back to life. Back to the real reality. When do we acknowledge this had to happen, that these are the desired constellations and not a tragic outcome of things in motion? If we can understand from a soul level that blame cannot exist in the unconditional love agreement? And if we could master those lessons when they are triggered, that would be epic matter to create from and within. Dark, light. The building blocks of all creation. Creation!!

I immerse my body and head in the Ocean at night. The salt water purifying. The ocean sound a symphony of watery silence in my ears. Banging on my eardrums, and cooling my overworked and overheated brain.

I release the worry, the doubt, the shock and the fear that has caressed, tormented and hugged my horrified body and sensitive energy system for weeks now. I release and shed all those lies to the primordial sea. 'Take this away from me now and be done with me.'

Head under water I hear the Ocean whisper to me to remember those times when this World had two Suns. Those times are coming again. This is why these days are so excruciatingly painful. Change of that sort always is. Cause the old can stand no more in a World with Two Suns. Old myths must die and egos are crushed.

Times are changing for the better. But first the old must die and ego death is always very painful cause it resists for so long. Vortex waits for no one. It just keeps moving forward as it is its nature. Physics.

For now we are still affected and we go by the Moon time. This time now is culminating.

I come up for Air. Rebirthed and breathing.