Life on Earth

These are my greatest teachers lately, the ones who tell me I am doing, what I do, wrong. I am here to be on MY journey. Yes MY journey, mine, with me myself and I, as an individual. I do believe I have consciously chosen to be here to have a very human experience with human things as flesh, blood, skin and bones and emotions, feelings, confusion, tears, laughter, ups and downs, in and outs and the whole lot. I am the ONE having MY experience. Camila. Not YOU. ME! As you are yours. That does not make me forget my origin or who I am. Underneath it all. Inside it all. Outside it all. Yes, we are all deeply connected, but then again, some really do not get that and with those I have no urge to mingle, that’s just fine. It’s just an observation, and I don’t mean to judge. It’s just a choice not to share my energy there. I have free will, and I didn’t come here to be Jesus, if that was the case, I don’t think I would have come at all. What would have been the point being here on this lovely Planet being constantly confronted with my human limitation, if I wasn’t exactly meant to try and wonder, marvel at, contemplate, act, watch my actions and the consequences, see where it got me, try again, push through, figure it out.. Grow. Expand. Explore. Be passionately curious. I have no interest in being here and deny all my human things or try to pretend I need to not feel anything to be on any kind of spiritual journey. I learn from my hurts, I rejoice from my joy, it’s all very simple. Please stop telling me, I am wrong for not stopping thinking. I am Aquarius, I think! Stop telling me that I am wrong to have feelings, to have emotions. I believe deeply, that anyone who says they have no feelings is lying! We all have different opinions, all have roads, paths and journeys. We all have something we need to experience or to grow from and with or grow out of. Some may be easy to others, cause that’s not their journey. Some things make people we thought were friends run screaming in the other direction, cause what we’re facing is so horrible, they get scared just being in our presence, and that’s fine too. I can’t and won’t go lobotomized in my head or shut down my feelings. That’s not what I’m here for. I am here to try and coexist with them. But denial never got anybody anywhere. I also believe that I have another soul co-joining me on my path, who is here to be the love of my life. That does not mean I have stopped loving myself or given my power away. Yes yes, I am the love of my life, but you know, so is HE, and that is not wrong nor scary. Yes I DO live a great deal of my life through HIM, because that is what we agreed to do. Large part of my growth is because he serves as a projector, a mirror, but also because he just shows me and teaches me by his own example. Can we stop freaking out about that? Allowing another soul to have that influence in our lives is neither wrong nor scary and it does not mean anything negative. This is MY path. I am here to learn exactly that! So get over it. I do not want a Wall Of Ice around my heart. I need no protection. I am still connected to me, myself and I. I am so HAPPY that I get to meet these people all the time, who tell me to stop thinking, to stop feeling, that my idea of a TWIN SOUL is wrong. The sole things I always felt ashamed of, cause I was constantly told it was wrong. Yes, I get lost in the labyrinths of my mind, I do, but it’s also in those very labyrinths I let those wonderful messages come through, the stories, the marvels, the wonders of insight. I LOVE my mind. I love getting lost there cause so much LIFE comes through that. I know when to get out. I have TSUNAMIS of emotions. Sometimes they are really violent, and the darkness scares the shit out of me too, but then the heights of JOY that is equivalent to those depths is amazing. The experience of love is beautiful. And I believe I can’t have one without the other until there is a found balance to both, but denying either will not give me that! Dear World.. Can we just BE on our paths, whatever they may be? Can we stop making rules and judge and just respectfully see each other for who and what we are? Isn’t THAT what connects us and allows love to grow? DO we need more separation, more so called spiritual practice that actually just creates a divide? More preaching that binds us and make us feel inferior cause we are NOT there, somewhere better, can we just be ok with the fact that we are HERE? To listen to our own truths and go with that, cause truth is... who really knows what YOUR truth is? Change what doesn’t serve you, but leave what does. And don’t let others judge you, even if your path seems a little crazy and isn’t the straight road. Darkness isn’t negative, thinking isn’t wrong, feelings are not forbidden (as yet!) Just BE you! Namaste!! - Look it up!!!