Speak your truth

A sharp tongue will hurt more than a thousand knives, or so it is said.. Is that true? When the words are true? And the cut will remove whatever has to go, clean cut? No pain, except for the resistance of the ego? Is it truly a destructive force or can it actually be what you need to hear? If someone confronts you with criticism and you feel angry, then what are those feelings really about that have been stored underneath that breath, that you’ve held for too long, and now come out full volume, full power? Is it really scary, or is it a welcome release, like a thunderstorm that breaks loudly across the sky releasing its force?

The Mercurial aspect that trines the Venusian is a friendly vibe. A kind reminder to remain true to your light, not the darkness that has a mighty grip on you, deceiving you, making you act out of balance. Whatever vibrates out of balance is bound to make a false sounding tune in a symphony that is otherwise immensely beautiful. Not correcting it is slobby!

The depths of the other sharp, powerful, strong constellations can be a frightening affair, because perhaps of ignorance. Different states of vibrations and visions of whatever resonates the truth individually for us all.

The judgment. The fear that rules. Where is the love? Where is the compassion and understanding? The trust and faith that we all come from the same place. I thought we were brothers and sisters.

That fear is ancient. Built through centuries, taking momentum through eras, entertained, made forceful through masculine powers, through media, those modern witch hunts.. Whoever is forceful and powerful and dare to speak what others fear to hear is dangerous.

The change that follows from accepting truth is for some perhaps too much of a personal change of lifestyle, standing up for themselves, letting go of comfort zones and stepping out into their own lights. That journey takes courage, it takes personal growth. Letting go of the old.

Saying goodbye at last to those who do not honor your journey, and your light. Who weigh you down. Who do not wish you well. Stop pleasing them. It's an emprisoning of them and yourself and honors none of you.

Letting go of all that is painful. Ironically, the letting go of the pain is often too painful, so we’d rather live in pain than be free.

It is easy to be disappointed. It is easy to spot the cowards. It takes patience and compassion to watch someone change. To change yourself. ‘And if you can’t change yourself.. Then.. change the world.’ But the truth echoes from inside the Soul to the words that flow from a tongue through a mouth that can no longer be quiet.

And thus the boat rocks…

Ripple effect. Waves. Tsunamis. The simplicity of cause and effect. So tempting to take life personally. Such a balancing act not to. Personal hurt is such an illusion, yet it’s the trap we all fall for. And fall we do and get back up. Acknowledging we can do this better, another way.

Somewhere between the sharp tongue that razor cuts what must go and the eternal heart that understands patience is needed here.