Full Moon Missions

It’s the promises we make underneath these serious Moonlight Missions. The pledges of love and the being in love with each other that seem to reboot and replenish like a never ending story of us. There is always a next chapter, a new era, a new now, a new neighborhood, because I move a lot, and he never knows where to go next to see me, so I send him treasure maps and coordinates along with the Sun Stones, though they tend not to work by Moonlight as such. On those separate and lonely nights, I am the one sending him shooting stars and playful dreams, but I can’t tell him that, it’s bad enough with all the other spells.. But I really can’t help it.

The theories of energetic destiny in motion and waves are but one and the same. Just presented and argued through two different minds that are in tune and connected. Seen from eyes that look at the world somewhat the same, though our outer worlds are so ironically different, as if we present with two possibilities of a same life-like, like twins.

When entering into US, we meet in the heart cave, the soul cave, and do some midnight swimming underneath the open cosmos and observe how fun and cool this adventure is underneath the sobriety.

The Full Moon of Fire and Air puzzles the Air and Earth person, yet he claims he is the Salt of Earth, though we don’t really know his rightful element as yet, it could be Water, as he jumps in and disappears under its surface. Elegantly. Smoothly. Like he belongs there naked and free.

I pull my arms a little tighter around his waist as we take a sharp turn around the small cozy suburban streets and almost fall of my bike- He’s driving, I’m on the back. The scent of summer is still here, insistently clinging to the trees, though the branches are heavy from ripe apples, plums and pears and the air touches our cheeks with a cooler caress and we come to another seasonal change yet again.

’Promise me something,’ he says all tender and warm and looks at me with those eyes, I know from across time and space.. ‘Don’t ever die..’ I kiss his forehead and say, ‘I will eventually..’ He says ‘I know, but please don’t anyway..’ I tell him I will find him again and again and again, preferably a little faster next time and I recall the memory that still makes me blush like the school girl I was, when I remember the look on his face when I asked him to dance with me all those years ago, and he tells me all about the green sweater I wore that night to impress him. So what will it ever matter then what color or shape we make, as long as this is fluid and flowing, full of this love?

The sand on the floor serves as a sweet reminder of this night in the morning. She takes every grain with her, Lady Luna, as she withdraws her extended invitation to be aware, takes those promises made, those wishes from the heart . She continues her cycle smiling, knowing every little secret longing comes back in another form, as a higher octave of wanting. She picks the pearls that come directly from the heart and the soul. They need no polish. She knows there will be more midnight swimming. New missions again and again and again and the roads will eventually loop, cross, intertwine and bring them back to live again the surprised but accepting smile and the green sweater. And they will never die, but continue this never ending journey with endless possibilities and outcomes.

One Soul bearing a pair of Lovers by Choice who will continue to find each other. Treasure maps, shooting stars, road blocks, Sun Stones and all.