The Light House At The End of The World

I’ve arrived at somewhere new. Somewhere I’ve never been before. So naturally it takes a little while to adjust. Know the moves. Know the place. Know the action. The motion of that Ocean. And let the old go. The old moves.

Apathy can lead to action. Giving up and letting go can lead to new power, new opportunity, new strategies, new attempts. Getting completely lost will eventually lead you back on the path.

Silence can give you all the answers. Just stop talking for a while. Listen. Even if there is no voice within. No voice without. Wait. Listen perhaps instead to the gentle wind catching a leaf that falls to the ground. That sound when it hits the ground. The crash and the clatter. Perhaps it is an angel. A beetle stumbling over that leaf. Is it a death spasm or exercise to make him stronger?

The wave crush onto a pebbled shore. The descent. The ascent. The climbs. Don’t think, just do. Action replacing the hypothesis. The physical stretch and pushing the body instead of the mind games where there’s but a dead end. The labyrinth of fallacy. A breeze of a memory caresses my forehead as I see myself hanging on a cliff with no way down, nothing to hold on to, and the path I then chose.

The light house at night making sure the ships find their way home. The ocean calm and quiet after the tsunami of emotions. Hardly a ripple on the surface. Just the diamonds shimmering. Pick as many you want.

The sunset that made the clouds look like Phoenix, rising from the flames of a burning Sun, the Yangness drowning in the oceanic horizon, it burned away the day, burned away what no longer could stand, could be; the lostness, the apathy, the dead feeling within, the fear, the not knowing what to do.. Rise, rise, rise.. Live again. Wait till the Sun is done, it will come. Wait till the days is done.

The Moon rose instead. She made it all alright. She made it possible to see. You cannot stare into the Sun. You go blind. Sun stones and navigation. But the Moon… She makes it all erupt. Go. Brings peace. Friendly as she can be. Nothing is stagnant forever. Just another cycle. More light. More journeys. More adventure. More. There is more here.

Sleepless nights, but ah, all the secrets that can be found in a night that is freed from civilization is a diamond of wisdom. Diamonds glittering in the sea. Diamonds in the those rocks. Diamonds in the lamp of the light house at the end of the World.

Finding secure steps up those rocky slopes. He waited patiently. Trusting I would. As he always does. Pointing to greater things. Breathing life into me. Breathing with me. Offering his hand. As always. My rock. My Light House. Making sure I don’t crash. Making sure I get home alright.

That’s what arriving is all about. Steps. Moving when you think you can’t go on. Getting away from the usual routines, the stuff that doesn’t work. Finding yet another way. That way that leads to bigger perspectives. Greater understanding. That understanding is a door that leads into the bigger rooms.

The unconditional love. I’ve never been there before. But I can tell right now, it’s a beautiful place.

One I never want to leave.