Life, naturally

Status..? Fever, 3 weeks of non-stop rain, caught that annoying Spider in the corner and let her out.. it was becoming a battle of epic forces!.. Waiting for those phone calls, dancing on the lawn (rituals, naturally!) at midnight (probably where the fever came from), ate all the cherries on the tree before the magpies got to them, averted an ant invasion on the house and finally the Garden Gnome came in handy, although he bitched an awful lot about it!! Such is life living in 2200 in the Heart of the Oasis...

It's cool living so close to the Man with just a Queen's bridge between us and it's even cooler spending a weekend locked and lost in each other's arms watching Vikings, plotting our future, plotting a project, plotting each other's lips, waiting for the Sun to return, having an excuse for trying out those symbiotic things and finding we can do that too, no stories.. Just more love, new pacts, the unfolding of new awaiting adventure, none of his noises are annoying, what a miracle.. from the grand things of outer wordly proportions to these tiny up front and close personal..

We're the lucky ones, and I swear I have known him forever, which made calling him to me so very easy, once the words were forged. We laugh realizing it's been an entire year together through a whole lot of things already, the Earth is moving slowly, but we're so fast, or perhaps it's the other way around.

The World keeps spinning, not a word on politics, terror, unemployment, lack of equal rights, any rights, human rights.. Not yet. Not now.

The stars are somewhere out there under those rainy clouds, and I can't remember a happier time in my entire life.. Sending thanks in a wordless prayer before sleep collects me and takes me to a dream.. Ahh these Summmer Nights..