Walking with The Sun

So much fear. The changes. All the stories the mind can tell. Why the worry ? Were you not once told, that you are deeply loved? That nothing can happen to you? But that you are here to happen, to grow, to learn, to love, to push when you are uphill, relax when downhill, to understand this unconditional love surrounding you?

To see through the illusion of loss, boundaries, limits, separation, poverty, death even, the chains only there to make you free, and the motion of the world is solely to keep you moving, to keep you dancing?

The ones who question you, worry on your behalf and don’t understand your journey and therefore give you a hard time are only there to mirror your own worried ego. With love and calm they are silenced. If making reality of fear, panic rises. Doubt and fear grows, but always keeping you alert and thus the friction serves to sharpen your wits until you dismiss it all entirely and trust your journey.

Trust, that the steps towards wherever you are going are just the very ones leading you towards where you need to be. Up, down, left or right. What does it matter what anyone thinks? Getting lost may be the direct path.

gOd whispered to me: ‘Do you honestly think we, you and I, don’t know what we are doing?’

A calm. And then another thunderstorm to electrify the Air. And I fell asleep dreaming a hundred dreams of love...