Third energy Muse

There’s a dance that goes ever on. Rhythmically. Pounding by Hearts. Runs with the blood and into a passion for life. This Life. These things.

It’s the laughter underneath the trees in another magical forest, whose echoing essence of past and history that we feel by tracing the goose bumps, touching upon those vibrations of ancient rituals that call to us, invite us in, impressing us with signs and clues, the fun of hunting hidden places, that affirms we’re IT.

It’s in the strange red and blue rays that get caught on camera. The finding of a Heart carved in a stone on the beach and the ancient treasure from the trees, that washes upon the shore and let the Sun dance in the orange that easily catches the trained eye.

We’ve been initiated, blessed, sun kissed and earth birthed. We’re new. We’re alive. His caress intertwines with the ongoing invisible merging that is beyond the physical.

The wind blows through the Air that he is, and the change that he is impressed with in his natural element, the freedom and the sunlight, makes him endlessly beautiful. This Man, who walks beside me, holds more than just my hand.

The impression lingers. The joy of these days spent together, the ones you wish could last forever, but are so fast fleeing.

Thankfully, The Muse of the third energy leads his hand, and puts to paper and eternity the very essence of all this, that no camera could ever catch. All that vibrates and resonates with his words finds the direct path to this Heart of mine, that he carries in his.

The once in a Blue Moon incident and the Solstice event is transcended in a cyclical loop of whispers of promises that came to pass. Fulfilled and now renewed. Such is the magic when you invite it into your life....

He holds more than just my hand. So powerful, so intense, yet so fine and poetic this union is. I am silenced now, as no words profound enough could ever express, how happy I am. How grateful I am that he exists.

I know he will know with time, through my pulsating heart beats in his, that I will never hurt him again. That he too is my only One.