Waves of Love

The space created within, the only place where the Heart can truly speak to you there is energy to commune.

We meet in there, as always. The elements and I. The above and below, within and without. Some have greater names for them, angelic realms perhaps, but I like to keep things simple now- connected and combined I am lifted to an awareness that is free from thoughts, common sense, magical words or any other programming of the mind.

In that inner chamber I find the door to eternity and I am let loose. A break from life, a break from the mind.

The Heart shows me everything I already know. In a dream I had before, the teacher asks me to join him to observe the Stars on the deck of this Ship. I notice the speed of which we move forward.

Time is UP, where things were so slowly progressing just yesterday and every minute felt like a year just breathing..............in....... and out........... through the fear.

He points to the Cave. It’s covered in red scarves that blow gently and enticing in the hot desert breeze. ‘That’s where you need to be. It’s all you need to do! That's your practice.'

In this Space that same color red continues to serve as the very thread that connects the dots of events that shape the story, and a final and rare access to that book in the Library lets me read that which was written long before.

The peace that comes from serene knowing and seeing Truth silences any other story attempting to pollute and create other dramatic displays. We were always only playfully leaving hints and clues, following in each other’s footsteps before the connection was integrated. The fun of the chase. A few years here. A few years there. Cross chasing. It's but now we are worthy of entering that cave.

The Keymaster has a different message for me now. ‘Do this right.. Love is clean. It has to be True or not at all. Your qualities in the 7th are Elegance. Precision. Clarity.’ And I understood I never wanted it any other way and accept the Gift. Gratefully.

This is all I came here for. Can we begin?