Undo undo undo.

I see them. Easily spotted amongst all the gold and red, the songs and the crystals, those harsh words spoken between us linger as darkness upon the Earth. Somewhere in an unseen Universe, it’s but a shadow where there should and could be light. Fresh air. More gold.

The Circle provides a magical place if you know the ritual. Backwards dissolving. Grabbing those vibes and blessing them with another breath of wisdom. The present is alive and buzzes with golden breath. Undo. Undone.

The Lovers that lean on each other and share the same roots stand even taller, dark green already in this fast moving cycle. It was but a Moon ago they were offering us their tiny edible sprouts.

She is wet again, and life crawls from her opening. A good sign. She’s birthing.

The circle walk is complete. It is dissolved. The clouds roll over the Sun as out of nowhere, and the Summer is shortly interrupted. Like an instant Eclipse. A breath in, then out. A moment that echoes in that Eternity with quiet resonance. And it’s undone.

‘Your Prayer is received. And it will be given. It comes from the conscious Heart that understands at last and sees her Way,’ she says as her branches release their hold on me. The Heart-2-Heart embrace / exchange /conversation is also done.

3 more rounds. For the New. The Venus. The Earth. The Moon.

I lie awake within the White Night. Through the portal I walk with all the wisest prayers of my Heart. Understanding at last there is no way I can stray. The journey is the destination, and the destination has got nothing to do with arriving. I am already doing it. I am. I am doing my work with an honest Heart.

‘Rest easy within your Soul.’