I hear the call from the wild out there.

The planets circle above me and within me they point to something that needs release. I know what time it is. I understand the season. I have been blessed with the Sun’s movement through these steps untill it hits the Moon. It’s the same every year, and the timing is absolutely divine. But that’s a later promise for this Summer, and the heat is blurring my senses and the cry from within and those constellation are easily dismissed. If it hadn’t been for Her.

She reminds me that I cannot escape any daily constellation, we simply can’t stop the world from spinning, we are all in movement, there is a constant flow.

This too is inevitable. Their embrace is a renewal of many years to come. The promise of a higher note. It does not magically remove any agreed to obstacles. It’s all there for the sharpening of the Soul. The friction that is ongoing creation. I am learning to grow a thicker skin. She makes sure, I do not stray from my path.

The objections. The forceful running. The thwarted masculine raw power within that comes from eternities of survival. It's but pushing the Male away. Unintended. I'll be there as soon as I can. Her softness is the release of that. And my arms are open to receive. I've put away my weapon, I've no need to fight anymore. The battle is long over. Now comes the time, the era, of being Love. In Love. With Love.

The song humming, it’s that cry from the Circle in the forest; 'undo, undo, undo.' The dance is opposite the Sun’s movement today. ‘Undo.’ It’s the ancient of rituals. ‘Just undo. Come. It’s time.’ The Flower of my Life, the sacred geometry, it’s all there in this design. Connect the dots. Draw the notes. Then listen. Carefully. She’s calling. It’s time. It’s now.

It’s the renewal of a vow I made one year ago. As such there are no coincidences in the spiral movement.

Did I not come there to become a woman? Is my purpose not to feel the World on certain places? Do I not carry that energetic within as we did once connect? The whispers from Þingvellir reach my ear again. This time I understand. I taste the Salt of the Earth from The Dead Sea, and I see again those letters marked in RED on that tree on my way UP the Mountain in France. I know who I am.

Life purpose. The free walk. With love in my heart. As the only generator. She illuminates the night within my Soul, but as the Sun rises and the Moon is New yet again, there always is another beginning. It’s the choice I make every day; these days it’s just highlighted, in case I should have forgotten.

Return to Love. It’s all you’re here to do. No more. No less. The Newborn’s journey is also the one where everything is a wonder. Your conscious mature enough to know wisdom from repeating the same mistakes in a loop. Every day is a new dawn. Anything can happen. With Love. Passion with purpose. Deliberately choosing. Every day.

I am invited today to that Circle to Undo. Before the New beginning tomorrow. That cry. That invitation.

To undo. The arena is set. I know the moves, baby, I got the motion. It’s not hard anymore, it’s just necessary.

Because I CAN. (And also because I really want to! )