I have stopped making plans. It doesn’t mean I don’t take my life serious. Not at all.

It just means that I have given up trying to take control over things I really have no control over.

Everything seems to work out better, when I just go with the flow of life and events instead of trying to force events and outcome. A force greater than me, knows where I am going, knows what’s best for me. I’d like to believe that that is my Soul or Higher Self.

The physical ‘me’ tend to get lost here on Earth in the prefixed ideas of how to live, so I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s but one voice I should really listen to. The one that speaks loud and clear in my Heart. The Heart can sing so loud when allowed. I never knew. Not really. Until now.

It's a devastating affair, when you cannot contain love and let love flow through you, because you are still limited in its presense. It's honestly painful. But only because the shadow still wants to fight it. Wants to have control. Doesn't care if it hurts. It wants a perfect body or a perfect soul. And does not realize it already has.

Sometimes the 'life threatening' situations are the ones where we return to grace and gratitude. When everything is exploding in your face and blows away that which cannot stand by itself.

We are then forced to remember our purpose and not lose ourselves in egoic treasure hunts for reassurance and affirmation of our worth, our companions, our friends and Twins, but just return to basics.

Faith. Trust. Unconditional love.

In my dream I have a hidden record player in an old storage in the middle of the street. It’s locked, and only I have the key for the lock. No one else can enter without that key. The storage is filled with old dust and spider webs. There’s all kinds of old crap in there.

But the only thing I see in there is my record player. It’s purple and has a lot of ‘Love and Peace’ signs on it and rainbows. It plays only one record. That record is my own personal one. It is my soundtrack.

I take it with me, because I know he just bought a record player, and I want to play my record for him, cause I know he’ll like it. We have the same songs on it. So now when he sings, I will sing along.

Loud, freely and happily.