The stories, the writing, the homecoming

'Write everything down you experience! Always always keep a journal. Bring a notebook wherever you go. Write it all down! You will need it for later!'

I wipe my tears from my cheeks as he tells me, whatever is going on with me is completely and perfectly normal. He even manages to smile at me, because he knows what comes now.

The mountain awaits. The field and the question that had an answer, that forever changed my life and the Fire that took away everything from me, I'd never need again.

Some could question the Journey. Some actually did. But this dead serious climbing through, up, down, without and within, -especially within, has brought massive and profound life altering transformation. I think the journey is still on.

And the transformation is still happening.

Perhaps THAT journey was the preparation. The real baptism.

Perhaps now only, I am returning to the homecoming, to the wedding.

For a long while I was gifted with poetry in my sleep and in my waking state (though whenever it's the dream that is on or life that is on, is still not entirely clear) and I wrote so many stories containing messages and premonition and clues.

They seemed so fair and I may have thought I understood them at the time, cocky and overly confident as I was, though I see now, returning to reading them, that I was absolutely oblivious to the depth and the extent of MEANING.

Those words make sense only now..

Now it all begins. Now that I am finally HOME.