Soul song

There is anything but quiet in the cave. Ancient songs and noise from thousands of years of wandering in between the worlds, in between the incarnations, the quiet space between, the rest, the peace, then the pull, the reminder to walk on, to go again, the urge, the call to expand, to explore and the contracts binding, waiting.

That noise, that one memory, the millions of images of wrongdoings, the balancing, of love manifested, of separation, the illusions, the doors, the pain, the countless of wounds self inflicted, inflicted on others, though the pledge was to do no harm, and then dissipation and understanding that there is no wrong or right, there is cause and effect. There is life. There is love. There is expansion and contraction. The cyclical elliptical. The centripetal. The centrifugal. The ongoing.

7000 thousand years of preparation culminating.

There is no pain. There is just that cracking sound of a welcoming stretch from the soul that has finally arrived. Finally accepting that one chance of current events that it has crashed into at last, designed to, asked for, pledged to, where it has the chance to release it, release it all, be what it originally wanted to be, explore, see that it could do it. Be love. Be free. Be powerful. Forceful. Know itself.

She’s not unhappy, she’s not heartbroken, the heart never stronger as it finally gets to beat with its rightful and justified intensity. Knowing how hard. The soul content with how rhythmically it resonates with the beat of her journey, the beat that is accompanying her through this earth walk. She’s here. Exactly where she wants to be.

The challenges serve to be her greatest performance yet. The flow and the song of creation. It’s all here.


That explosion was intended. To provide a silence of noise to release the inner cry from the soul. The longing of the Soul. To be. Here. This. To unfold ancient wisdom within. And remember.

To be able to return to innocence. To unconditional love. Transcend the expectations. The bindings. The delusion. The lost highway. Getting lost to find the way. The only way to truthful understanding.

Love is all there is. That includes forgiveness. Stepping out of conditioning. Of blame of self. Seeing we are innocent in our attempts. It is all but a journey.

I am here. Where I need to be. To know the journey of my Soul. Deep in my cave I understand this is a breakthrough. And I am not coming out just yet. I am gathering my own strength. To know my darkness. The only way to know the force of my light. Accepting at last what I’m here for. And there are no mistakes in the garden of gOd. Not even this is a mistake. It is a gift of transcendence.

And I know then the dance continues. Better. Bigger. Unconditional. The fulfillment of the purpose.