How far we've come..

He sees me with eyes that have known my soul for eons. He knows who I am. The force that shines from those eyes through all the ages that transcend this life, sends me back to unremembered time.

It reminds me I am part of a whole, that my journey has purpose, that my soul is not here by chance or walking in the outskirts of life, secluded and superfluous, needless, wasted..

It makes sense being here. Hence the feeling of belonging. Of feeling safe. Finally touching ground.

I see why, journeying up to this realization.

Learning, the little things every day to the Heureka moments, that turmoil, that drama, those intense explosions day in day out completely restructured my limited mind, shaking me out of my comfort zone to releasing raw energy, a wasteland of Emotions all needing to come alive and into existence.

No wonder men has feared women throughout time. That power is raw, destructive, but has within it the ability to create multiple universes in true love once whatever needs to die has been burned to the ground. Be that a sleeping version of one self, a limited intellectualized life pattern, petrified thought forms, a withheld breath or any suppression that hinders a natural flow.. Perhaps that is the force of true sacred feminine power. To soften. Awaken.

He may never know what he did for me. The activating, the patience, the explosions. All I know is that the way he looks at me is all the healing in the world I ever needed to come alive, fully. To purpose. This is something I could have never done alone, learned in any school or by reading any book. No walk up any sacred mountain could have urged those steps. Offered that path.

He looks at me and I see in his eyes he has known me forever. He knows my heart, my soul, my thoughts, he knows everything about me that is worth knowing. I give up. I have emotions. I’m a woman who loves deeply. I can’t waste another second of life trying to deny it or control it.

We fear love so much. Yet it is what we all want and search for. Interesting paradox. We all need some help on the way. I understand. Now with compassion for the terrified.

My Heart is open. I love. I hope. I dare to dream. At last. The unprotected State. Terribilis est locus iste.