The Moon Dance

There’s a night out there demanding a response There’s a ring of planets doing it’s dance Align, align, align The New Moon is here

She’s the one that can’t complete before the other completes Before the surrender is exact, the taking away all that is unreal, untrue, and nothing but simplicity stands pure, though there is nothing simple about this Phasing

Like life, like love, mirrored, and thus it interconnects above and below But in the dance with the male, she’s no longer angry at him for stealing her Fire, burning with her, for taking up space in her space and breathing her Air, for that Air is also his

It’s the not being lonely, the thwarted self empowerment that needs to be shared, the equality of a worthy companion. She’s no longer married to herself

She will take Him dancing in the night of Venus

To the Moon and back above these over emotional Waters Teaching her to not deny one single beam, showing her it’s but the reflection of all that is meant to be For greater purposes

The lady of this long night, She is there on top of it all The Wisdom, not the Unknown The Strength, not the Weakness The great Emotions, because this is great Love

Tie the dots together, back and forth, the precognition, that dance too All the thoughts in your crazy head come together to produce one portal of quiet, through which ONE stands so clear you can pick it like a ripe fruit and enjoy it’s sweet juice as you bite and know;

It feels SAFE at last in this mad world The paradox then of still wanting to roam and run But the roots are intertwined and there’s a touch down through the dance of the inside-out-ness The mirrored journey is approaching its arrival.

The Moon Dance. The Male and Female. The healing between them profound.

’The steps you take are no easy road! It’s not that easy.. but the reward is great for those who want to go. (I do!)’