I haven’t made a lot of money and sensibly stored it away in a closed bank account expecting the rainy day, but I know I have The Divine Credit Card from where I can withdraw.. even if I cannot see the 7 secret billion on that account, I always tell myself they are there, as I fully trust the Universe to supply me with money as an energy in a natural flow that will be provided when and if I need it.

My palms are open to remind me that I am fully capable of giving but also receiving! When you honestly know how to humbly ask that you may be given what you need, suddenly people start giving you everything you secretly wish for.. And the gratitude feeling is the best magic in this world!

I haven’t bought or built a house with a white picket fence and secure walls, but I know my body is my temple and my soul is my only true home, as I walk this Earth and live physically only temporarily here and there. It mirrors my overall short visit here, and I am content with the detachment to material stuff that makes me flexible and moveable. I am happy to sleep in my own bed at night with a roof over my head, though I yearn for the sleep beneath starry night skies preferably in a tree top with some forest fresh air, or in my hammock with the tranquil and meditative rhythm of the waves crush onto the sandy beach and the salty air in my nostrils..Happy that I have clothes to wear though admittedly, I would rather walk naked and barefoot..

I may not have a husband and children, but the family I have instead is full of true love and sacred bonds, and my Man is my soul mate and our journey is such an adventure teaching me priceless things about love and life.

I may not have a normal job (or ever find one!), with stellar pay, financial security and an ambitious title, but I see I am working with everything I always knew I wanted to do..

Today I rest assured.. I am on my path, fulfilling every little and oh so important soul mission, I set out to do, so I take a deep breath and admit to myself, that I am a very, very, very successful Woman, who is wonderfully happy to be living her life.

Perspective! Celebrate YOUR life and the things you do, that make you realize you are really happy about your PATH!