Unconditional Love

The words dance within my awareness in these days.

This raw, unprotected state of constantly being dragged by my feet back to the dark place. To discover. To journey through. Not out of some karmic punishment. Just to spot where the egoic fears keep my mind trapped. The whispers of that lighter vibrating voice within.. ‘You are stuck in the Dark, you must aim for somewhere higher. Get up. Get up..’

‘Love continues to ask you to feel more..’ – Andrew Smith

I have two doors constantly opening up for me. One leads to that familiar well known place. I know it. I’ve been there my whole life. I am grateful for the pull from my Soul, constantly infusing my being with guidance. The intuition. Made sure I turned left instead of right, and thus veering my crash course onto a path where I learned to know the difference. That inner strength. Pointing to another direction. The inner compass fixed on a new life, knowing this is it. These are the days for Rebirth. A new first breath. The return to innocence with the strength of a billion year old woman. Clarity and simplicity.

This path leads to freedom. Resolution. Away from the constant mind trapping labyrinth where I get lost, stuck. Discernment opened up several portals on the way. Revealing the absolutes and showing me, there are heavy rocks on my path, and it’s time to live another way.

I am reminded of defining my needs. How little we need, when we really free ourselves from the demands of the ego. Me, me, me and me too. The constant horror those absolutes produce and cage us in to a tiny place from where we can act, weave. The needs enormous. What we think we need from others, from life, from ourselves to breathe freely. One thing we do automatically without thinking about it is ironically breathing. In and out. This breath is free! Loving us unconditionally gOd breathes us in and we breathe her back in, the easiest companionship throughout our journey on this super magical place called Earth.

That image of my father and me. The snow flake that suddenly appeared on his forehead, that was never there before. It is Heart shaped. The kiss from Impossibility shapes and manifests in this presumed magic less world and tells me Love is a constant, and its power can change anything. Even produce snow on a photo that was taken 40 years ago. Nothing is frozen in time, and everything can be rearranged and thus change any course of any life. It all depends on which Universe we allow ourselves to wake up in. Today. Tomorrow. Even Yesterday.

The Unconditional Love.

The answer comes to me like a feather falling gently from a clear blue sky. I see it. Deeply and clearly. My egoic fear has jammed me in that space where the heart stays petrified and thus cannot open up. It’s a space with a dense vibration. ‘You must aim higher.. Get up..’

The Light that shimmers from the same place from where the feather fell. It shines back to me my own strength. My compassion. Such a relief to let the Darkness dissolve. Understanding from the non intellectual space within, at last, that I can be from somewhere else. That I can let the constant chatter quiet down. Be from somewhere else. Connect to something else, which lifts me up to shine. Opens up at last the Eternal heart.

Be that intuitive woman and to use it for everything I do. That’s the language of the Heart that is always connected. Be that strength. The fine balance between not giving your power away, but giving it all, because that’s all you need to do. Give it all. Give unconditional love. Be unconditional love. It’s the only way out of that inner madness the demands of the ego constantly poisons our beautiful beings with. It’s the only way I will ever silence the Darkness, I know will walk beside me no matter what.

There is the true source of anything ever needed. It’s from there you weave. Walk towards a bright future. The journey the Soul wants to be on. Love. Unconditional.

‘The one thing you lack, is that which you personally have failed to contribute.’ –Lars Muhl