Today I want to celebrate. Today I want to rejoice and let out the laughter inside my bubbly being. Release the cry of Spring that’s been withheld in my chest.

I feel emotional landscapes. They puzzle me.

Allow myself to just let go. Arrive at being happy. It’s all rushing out of me, now that I have surrendered. Celebrate the journey, the long long ride towards knowing I would arrive. Here. The thrill, the absolute glory, the ultimate joy of looking back now, knowing it’s over. I’m through. The accept of this moment.

The lightness of my steps, no longer cautious, but big and certain, taking them towards what’s rightfully mine, emanating the strength I know I truly have, no longer waiting for the infamous sword above my head drop and cleave. It’s over. It’s done. It has happened. It’s safe now. I’m safe. Better than safe.

I want to celebrate the course of actions. One by one. The actions, the thoughts, the countless clues and hints and build up of those very constellations and energetics that shaped the road, the path. Celebrate the route that was laid out in front of me, that I had the courage to follow.

I will celebrate my own passion and strength. I will celebrate my wits and foresight. The courage to reach out and ask for guidance and help. To be vulnerable. To be me. The insights to gather those women, even when I didn’t truly know why, the nomadic conditions, the following the yellow brick road, understanding I was all of those four companions, off to find a way home, a brain, a heart and courage.

Celebrate the support, angels, messengers, open arms, even the ones I crashed into that polished my rough edges and pushed me away but then on, the demands of being bigger, better, more. The doors that luckily slammed straight in my face, so that I did not venture a path that was not mine to take. The doors I closed myself so my hands were free to open the next.

The ability to navigate through the uncertainty, the unstable life style of being out of a job, not knowing where to live next month, accepting money as an energy in flow, growing with the slow adaptation to read stars and transits, talk to Universes, people, energy, trust a scent in the air.

Experiencing at last the force of Love as something that can be trusted, appreciated, weaving and burning without damaging, but instead encouraging, shaping me into the full Woman I was underneath destructive programming, wounds from a past that was longer than the visible one, the physical shape of result of human years. There's a big celebration there!

Venturing back to see how, what, why, when and where I see I had all the answers. I already knew. The dreams, the notions, the omens, the signs. Could I travel back to those days, I’d root, dance, cheer and yell 'keep going, keep going! YES! You’re on the way! On a roll. Go girl!'

I release a bubbly laughter. I allow myself the surrender to this moment having caught a ray of Sun.

Today I celebrate joy. Love. Allowing. Telling myself with certainty that this moment is truly mine. I have earned it. All is well. And I’m on my Path.

Big gratitude to all the co-weavers. What a community of love.