The cure is worse than the disease

It’s the purge.

This is the time. To turn towards the Sun and warm up. Heal. Stretch. Shine. Even when it’s pouring rain and the days are dark. Just do it.

The cure is worse than the disease. Do it. Walk through it. These are the deepest days. This is the life. Right now.

This is as hard as it gets. And we do it. Walk through that hell.

The insane moment as reality strikes so hard and realization hits in a brief second out of time, popping my head out of the dimension, to check up with the other reality (Is this really happening or am I dreaming?) that I am doing it. I am doing everything I said I couldn’t do.

That time within time of this life I always knew would come.

I am breathing. I am taking that step I said I couldn’t take.

This is life. I can’t miss this moment. The beauty of it. The rawness of it.

This is real. This is not a dream or a wishful escape. It’s not some day in the future. Or a worst case scenario that won’t happen.

This is IT. Now.

The cure is worse than the disease. But it's a beautiful shed.

I am coming through the wormhole. Torn apart in a Supermassive Black Hole, but its core was true Light and I touched Creation.

The beauty lies in that moment when you are aware of magic of the present that is vibrant, stripping you from ancient karma and though your soul is weary, body is aching, fatigue and depression reigning your every second, ruling the exterior and forcing you to stand still and be in it, be here, be with it.

In the core of that darkness is the only place consciousness and awareness can rush in all at once.

And then you see it. The web, so wisely organized, like a symphony; every tiniest aspect playing its part, but until now the moment wasn’t ripe. A melody so strong rises.

It’s you. Your song. Everything you are. And you understand. Why. It all comes together. And you rise. You rise. You see intelligence and love behind the hardships. Behind the intensity of this gOd’s game with you. You remember why you obliged.

Your soul rejoices, cause it is succeeding. It has drawn towards it everything it ever wanted, and it stretches far and wide and loves and shines. And there is peace and harmony in its vicinity.

Its wave takes on momentum. This new vibration echoes and ricochets in every far corner of a greater universe. This is so real I can reach out and grab or caress the hand of gOd as we weave this stuff together.

It’s physics in its essence. Life. Beauty. Steps. Creation. Music. Divine scores. This is life. I am right in the middle of it. It has never been more real than this. And I was about to miss it by feeling victimized by circumstance? I am right in the middle of True Love. My own. My loved one’s. Ours. The world’s.

There is so much love in this world. The cure is worse than the disease. But the freedom and joy that follows. Bliss.