Northern Lights

The lights in us conjoins. Within, Without. Above and beyond and travels further out the window and lights up the night sky and makes the white snow glow. Somewhere the angels are laughing a bell like song. The furniture moving, everything is in flow, we are alive, burning, breathing and smiling. This is the only reasonable place to be. It’s cold outside and the world is still spinning slowly, slowly. Conditioned. We are hungry for so much more. That is the space between. When having seen it, knowing what’s to come, and then having to wait for the world to keep up. To spin enough rounds round and round to come to that place. The waiting, the being. Knowing really real, that it’s an outside job this time. The space between offers the art of keeping the balance and refining and defining. That’s all. To seek joy and be in joy. There are no more places to go look for it, it’s here already, the floors are swept, no more cleaning up to be done, stuff to get rid off. The light lifts and echoes into all eternity. Calls upon those events. We master the flow of allowing, of being. Rules have no access here. We let go. And we give it up. One thought of forcing anything and it all falls apart and pain comes. We’ve learned our lessons well. Why dictate and hold on to anything that will always be free; which has a natural way of just growing, expanding. Love is like Water. It has to flow. Keep it in and it will rot. And our water runs so smooth, so easy, because it just is. So be it, then. I am here seeing it all from within the golden throbbing heart. I am aware now. Once you learn how to weave from that golden thread.. ah life.. Life is the most amazing experience. Limitation, boundaries and time- space illusion and all. Whatever comes now, comes because I cleared the way. My heart is open. My hands are open. I reach for him in this white night, amused by the flare of his Northern Lights, tickling and soothing my hand as I play with it. He reaches back in his sleep, the lights conjoin and the angels sing along in the silent cold night. I smile in the dark, watching light light up the universes, the cosmic soul and back and forth, the space between and all the miracles that still are to come.