Writing's on the wall

We walk on the beach that is surrounded by a 65 million year old cliff. In that clay there is a story about how life ended on this planet. And also on how it rose again. Life. One big 65 MILLION year old page in the book of eternity was written right here to tell us this one story. About time and relativity. The letters are those many visible layers of ages. The Book is opened here on this very page for us to read. Music provided by the calm crash of the waves on the rocky shore at the end of the world. If we can put together those strange letters. If we bother to read. To listen to eternity. There is a story here.. She whispers to me. Calls me gently forth. I press my ears and hands to her heartbeat, and these words echo inside, a simple wisdom: ‘This world will prevail.. ‘ And instantly my own thoughts kick in as if to finish her sentence.. ‘But the life here.. the humans in this world.. I’m not so sure..!’ I am pulled into the cry of humanity. Today. There is little hope. But we must insist on keeping on loving. Human emotions. We have so many of them. We try to navigate and make rules for them, for having them, for justifying that we have them, but they are irrational, unpredictable, incontrollable. So why the rules? Because of fear? To try and stop the endless wave of motion. Creation still expanding. Are we that terrified of life? Rules make separations. They create judgment. That something is right and something else isn’t. And then come all the wrongs and pain grows. Anger for not having that what the world has dictated is right. Jealousy. Greed. Hate. The need for reasons. The never ending why’s. We find it so difficult just saying 'I don't know.' Love is a big endless pool of energy, which never runs out. So love. If we all just move by that what is, the directions, the wave and the dance of utter faith and trusting, that whatever we need and is truly ours will come to us if we walk by our hearts. We have already chosen to do so. Out of love. Out of utmost kindness to our own soul’s growth. In knowing that what we need in this life, we are already drawing in. It will make the pain stop. It goes away. Stop separating. Unite. We are all the same. Perhaps free will and destiny is actually one and the same. Yes, my ego wants to object too, she does, but she’s off somewhere in a dark cave being taught about how dark matter attracts dark matter and that has made all the difference. I am here. In light. In love. With him. Without the shadow I know only the truth. Because I am uninterrupted today I can just be me. I know from somewhere else than my rational mind, my brain, my feelings even, and everything I have been taught, that he and I have a purpose. That purpose is Light. And to love each other. It makes me stronger. It has made me change what didn’t work. I know from that place that is deeper than my heart that we never have to worry about anything. About how, when, why.. it will be taken care of, because this is our path. We just need to keep walking it and do what we have to do. And it is. And will happen. And come. As it should. When it should. No sooner. No later. Perhaps it’s the language of the Soul. Directly translated it skips all the emotional filters. It goes straight to knowledge. Inexplicable.. It just is so. But it enhances a strength I have never seen before. I see why the ego fears it so. He hands me a rock that has the shape of a Heart on it. On the clay wall behind us a ‘7’ is carved by nature herself. And I laugh at the impossible possible. Synchronicity and subtleties. So deep is the magic at play. The Universe constantly beaming it at us if we are aware of it. Somewhere in my inner cosmos a shooting star rides across the sky. Burning beautifully, granting me the eternal wish yet again. As if to make sure I understand how much it is wanted that this love prevails. ‘This world will prevail’. I feel that right here, right now, I am in the middle of shaping my future by what I have the ability to do today. By my very own actions. By this love. On this day even as the world is burning and it is easy to lose hope. Faith. To turn to anger, revenge and hate instead of love. But I cannot turn back anymore. I have rid myself of everything that stood in the way of this. I see it in his eyes when he looks at me. No one has ever looked at me that way. Liquid, golden, pouring, strong, live love. On the 65 million year old page in the Book of Eternity he adds a post scriptum. About us, united. A note. A promise for everything he and I can do together. What we are here for. What we CAN.