The Angels of Light and Dark

The Angel of light is being sung into creation from the overtones of that Symphony. She is powerful. She has a purpose here. For now she brings healing to the darkened souls. She lifts them by her very light. Everyone she meets on her way is transformed. Even if but a little. Even if just from a short stay here or there. A smile. A touch. A gentleness in the lighter air. Small shifts. But noticeable. She is already doing it. But there is a pull somewhere. And that needs to be dealt with first. The Angel of Darkness awoke in the same minute that song began. The other side to a seed was planted already by The One thinking that thought. Awoken by absolute law. She too has purpose. Two forces that came from same birth, same seed. Same origin. They both have life. And a mission. From far enough above, and when risen to see it, we see that the purpose is one and the same. They just pull in different directions. And all there is left is choice. Both can be wielded and then mastered. Transcended. But then we need that journey. To understand. The rising of the above. We always meet ourselves in that doorway. I see myself reflected in his light. We are the same. His light triggered my dark. Naturally. As it should. The divided state. A schizophrenic like condition. In the birth of all this light, an Angel was called into creation. She’s our guardian. But they awoke at the same time. The light and the dark. The overtones of the symphony to enter such heights. The deep ugly; the only thing that will grant access to the dark cave. I see them. The Lovers on their date. Their light is so bright, golden intense liquid that connects their souls’ essence. From through eons of time. Always shining, never disconnected. Always close when physically apart. They are happy. Holding hands. His love for her shines from his eyes. It pours. She sees it. She sees him and all that he is. And she bathes in it. The movement creates a flow as she sends it back to him. Easy. Glowing. A dance between lovers. It comes naturally. They feel their original state. They feel home in each other. The home that transcends earthly laws. No four walls can hold this anyway. No tangible, solid thing that in time will falter, disappear or dematerialize is needed here. This is a home that needs no maintenance. This is the original state. There we are forever. There we are true. There we are. The questioning, superfluous and needless. But such is the dance of humans. It keeps it alive. Dynamic. And the Angel of the Dark smiles from the wings. Her purpose in action. Her intention not evil. Just necessary. In a way beyond fathomable. Erratic humans. So often they forget what light they hold. She too is love. This too. A dose of his light reaches her cells and ignites a deep healing within her. I see all this from the outside. But at least I see it. Watching from the shadows. I can’t talk to her. I can’t connect. In the shadows; the reverse, the negative side to the positive, I am a prisoner and cannot escape. Yet. But I see her from the table I sit at.Being happy here with him. I feel her presence standing there outside the window looking in. I sympathize with her. But know she has her own mission. And she can’t connect with me yet. I see the happy couple and am glad that there is a positive side to this. And that she does see me. But where do I go when that other part of me is there, being happy. Doing this automatically. Able to. Already doing it. Where does this part go? The one that wakes up every day and feel the shadow side of this. The complete opposite of that happiness. The fear, the darkness, the outside. The Angel of Dark welcomes me/her. The door to the cave is open. ‘You have his light with you; it has sparked your own, understand this enigma. You are the same. We are all the same side to this circle of eternity. All is well. Come along now. Come to this adventure. It’s darker than the fairy tale in there. But it’s just darkness.‘ Something happens I did not expect. From the table in there, he turns his head and looks at me. He sees me. He says loud and clear: ‘I love you. We just need to be free. I am in love with you. Not the happy side, not the unhappy side. You. The light, the dark. You. But go. It’s safe. It doesn’t mean I have left you. But you need to do this on your own. I’ll be in here, holding your hand still. Holding you to light.’ I want to be only there. Not an observer watching my happy part living the life I want. I am jealous of myself. Absurd. But panicking a little over not being able to live the happy side. The bright side. But SHE is. Someone else is living my life. Thank GOD it IS me! I am doing it. Part of me is already doing it. That brings me some peace. I have work to do until both sides can unite. I need to be ONE. Whole. Healthy. They awoke at the same time. The Angel of light and the Angel of darkness. She takes my hand, or I take hers and we begin the descend to the cave.