We pass by the healing well. This is what fresh water gives. Foresight. Clarity. Crossing the barrier to this sacred day. Hand in hand. We walk off the paths in the hazy Sun, under the trees, and find our own through the magic of the forest. The last leaves fall on our hair as golden confetti sprinkled by an invisible hand above, gentle kisses from those days of Summer majesty, the trees imprinting us with their final gesture before they stand naked to welcome Winter. A beautiful blessing of our rare bond. The masculine and feminine in a dance. Another journey to transcended unity. It has to start here. Unconditional accept and being with whatever comes. Out here in the yet silent presence it seems to not matter. Not exist. Whatever moods and modes. But then again the Sun is still up. Fighting to shine through the mist, but another force is deliberately shutting him out. Be quiet. Today is about what happens in the twilight. The 2. The embrace of the Lovers-tree in my Stone Circle teaches me, that 1 and 1 will always make 2, intertwining, joined, but always individual, and that’s the beauty of walking together; it’s where they connect that makes it interesting. Joyful. Zestful. Adventurous. And the She-part shows me, that she always has a spot that is soft. Wet. Leaking water. He waits for me, while I consult with the Her. My soul stretches like after a long sleep once I surrender my Heart to Hers. Out here, I claim my own power. Faith and ability restored. The thicker skin. The fierce strength. I can see. Clearly. My legs feel strong again. Balance. The left and the right. Both arms equally strong. New blood rushing from the Heart that can feel and express, a Heart that isn’t stunned. Ability to put into words what I first had to go through emotionally.. achieved. The dead take many shapes and forms in this sacred time in this unique portal. They were waiting. Gone is the aching heart, mislead and confused by overlapping timeframes. By tears that belonged to a girl in a past, who never saw any point in crying. But tears have a way of being lost in translation. They often meet pity and create all kinds of dramas. These tears were the healing pain of a broken heart. Not a hurting pain. She gladly takes all of them. Cleansed, that spirit is now free. Wisened. From here lead to an eternal field out of my reach and I never have to see her again. I remain. ‘Let him love you.. To be One, you need to accept that you must be the One of the Two. Take your place beside him. Equate!’ Now comes the time of Winter. Things are less heated, easier to navigate by. Cooler. My doors ajar now closed. It’s done. His turn will come. Thus empowered, I turn. Changed. Ready. He stands there. Observing his Woman, I wonder what he sees. The dark mist falls on the trees. The forest finally comes to life. The veil is thinned. Nothing

is quiet anymore. We’re all awake now. The senses alert. Sharpened by the initiation of those sacred acts. A cat that led the way through circle of trees. We surrender to being guided by the life here. Through oaks and portals. Seduced by overload of color, scents of soil, withering leaves, moist, animals shrieks, the embrace of Trees, each other, the physical fatigue from climbing, walking, meditative, lack of sleep, surrendering to the state between. The path is found only by an invisible entrance. We passed through just before. From inside. Guided from love. One movement. They dance in the last light of day seconds before night. Barely visible. But their laughter and breath is felt. I know that even if he doesn’t see it, he sees it dancing and mirrored on the shine in my eyes. And they will come and collect him, bring him back in his sleep. He drank from the well. His heart already accepted. Our paths mirrored. We finish by the Ocean. Fresh water. Salt water. Alchemy. Always occurring. Initiation completed. First step to outsideness. Sometimes real magic occurs when that One will walk with you through those defining days at those special places where portals are opened at just one moment in time, and by just holding your hand that One somehow has the ability to see your entire heart. A day of true magic. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]