Mission Full Moon

He sits in the cold sand. Face towards the bright light. He bathes in it. Tension leaving his entire body and being and relaxing into the experience and energy. I smile at the irony of reversity. It’s late evening. Dark. Cold. Normally you’d come here to bathe in both the sea and the Sun during the day. But we’re on the inside- outness. Mirrored states of consciousness. As if we need to dwell here under a serious Moonlight before the granted access to coming outness. Sunlight. Directions. The many journeys ahead. Actions. Magical tendencies. Moving by day. First assignment: Learn to navigate in deep water by Moon Walk at night. He takes my hand, and it always makes me forget the things, I tend to think I cannot do. He smiles at me, and I know we will pull through. He kisses me, and I forget my reservations and worries, instead I let them disperse into the night. The missing, the worlds that keeps us apart, the time that is unkindly speeding up when in each other’s near just to slow deliberately down when we say goodbye. The constant pull in the heart, when he’s away. The constant urge for reunion. Close to painful. Unbearable. But here, merged, I see we are never walking alone. We’re never apart. Together, I forget those days exist and that they will come again. Soon. My emotional waxing and waning following through this cyclic event is wonderfully evened out with his natural masculine immunity to these moody beams. I need a dose of his calm, his emanating trust in me and in us. I love this being so much. I am completely content with knowing how I have the ability to make him this happy. This calm. To see his soul stretch and his light shine brighter as the salty aired wind shakes him. As nature soothes and caresses his tired being. Something awakening within. He is so beautiful in this serenity. It is an accomplishment of a woman in her own completeness. The new woman. The exchanged gift and purpose of having met the Twin companion. Like a negative to the positive. Once developed we see the picture crystal clear. Tonight the waters are high. She beams an illuminated pathway above the dark waves roaring at us. ‘Come. By my light you can walk on Water. You have been specially invited here to this Night Event. It is in the unseen, the quiet, the darkness we alter that which we move by day. There will be sunny days.’ Half playful, half serious surrendering the depths of our stored breaths to the dark waves as we release our cries of freedom into the wind. We are sealing the pledge under this light. Under the vastness, fully encapsulated and cocooned by this cosmic womb above and around us. Airplanes taking off every other minute, venturing to unknown destinations, their loud roars breaks the sound barrier, piercing the night sky and reminding us that we too will land eventually. We’re still only at take off. Soaring upwards, outwards, onwards.. A million stars guiding us, winking, confirming; all is truly well. Mission: Accomplished. What a little Moonlight can do. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]