One Day

Observing my options from somewhere in a 6th sphere. From pure light. All duality dissolved. It all seems so easy. It tends to get lost in translation, once moved into a less bright and illuminated state; the denser sphere, the one where everything is abiding other laws; another systematic flow. But a flow never the less that can be influenced, it can be done. All a matter of choice. Trusting at last that whatever is felt, is felt. And that it is real. Even if it is slowed way down by events that are cleverly masked as obstacles coming from the outside and beyond your control. It gives way for this unfathomable condition being taken in in bits and pieces. That keeps you from going crazy, should you have a tendency for being a) impatient, b) a control freak, c) just plain restless, longing for wanderlust or even running. Instead it keeps you radiating and at the same time absorbing absolute joy. A balance that has been so designed for stating the obvious. The finding of a level that is real. True. Functional, yet ever so magical.

Too long we wander in the valleys of doubt, hoping that if we wander far and long enough we will find the way out, but we are only traveling in circles unless we transcend this self inflicted state. Yes, we must claim some self responsibility, otherwise we are truly lost and we will wander, in vain, forever. I experienced this not too long ago; those angels visiting in my darkness from back when are myself walking back in time through altered awareness, adult consciousness and choice to alter the hardships; to send some light back in time to the hurt, the wrongs. To make sure, that when found wandering in these valleys, I would be sparked with the brilliant idea and the good sense to walk OUT. Never underestimate the power of intention. Or goodwill. Or thought flow and energy for that matter. (That Matter!) Can YOU go back in time and tell me I am wrong? If I go back to the reversed condition. The mirrored state. Behind the looking glass. The inside out-ness. If I replace all the low vibrations with high ones. Isn’t that the whole point of maturing. Of aging? To differ. To have been faced with choice. Again and again. Never able to take door number 2. Always ruled by and hemmed in by emotional response. But not this time. I let myself out. I said I would. But I was standing there waiting at the door for someone to open it from the other side. I was waiting, slightly beginning to understand the purpose of the why’s that went cryptically unanswered. In the light of a journey throughout a year that has contained a journey resembling one that could have happened through eons, I begin to comprehend that I am not lost. Nor alone. I'm not alone anymore. I am on the inside looking out. I’m coming out. Good times are coming. I see from the inside outness; in there I get to correct the wrongs. Replace the false negatives with sheer shimmering light. Till there’s no more choice. No more dualism. Till the light transcends the sexes and the isogenic state is all there is. No more darkness. In the void. Behind the duality, above the union. In the mirrored state. It ends. Eventually. There’s no hurt or castrated masculinity or any suppressed feminine. There are 2 Suns, shining equally as bright, in balance, there is light in the Worlds and we are. What we are. The past doesn’t matter. The future as well. In the moment of this light. There is nothing else. But Now. And forever. And we can be something new entirely.. Have you the imagination to see what that is?