The inner world manifests in the physical. I take my body to the Forest. To my Stone circle and Her. Another realm of reality. In the worlds within worlds. It’s her heart to my heart after leaving the burning house. The House on Fire. Her embrace is warmer than any mother’s, her love all bad consuming and negativity dissolving; it soothes and heals any aches and pains, it cleanses the tears, the very ones she nourishes from, lives of, happily transforms into a breath on a chill morning. I will feel it as the first snow on a winter's day and make a mental note to remember that, when it is snowing in the hearts and minds of every kind of Universe.. Thus refreshed herself, straighter if possible, she aligns her spirit to mine and we are able to exchange words, although soundless. Her message designed for me then finds a way out of her pouring sap through the hard bark, the drooping branches and withering leaves. Everything in her being is uniting with mine.. and translates into: 'His key is just a key. Walk from that House wise and strong. You know what to do through this time. Align your Stars and Planets to your Wisdom. Don’t let them happen to you. It’s a delusive trick. You are after all THEIR ultimate master; you placed and picked them yourself, remember? See where you have placed them. What did you do that for? Only to watch them dance upon a dark sky.. ? It's an inner compass, remember that! Do you not realize you composed their music? The cosmic sound of the spheres..To grant you ultimate Soul expression. Are you not their guide? Aligned with the gOd spark in you .. Oh, please remember.. And move then your gaze and fix it on the greater perspective. They only fully express through that which is higher. Be freely expressed in that fixed system of yours. Let that Lover of yours love you, how he loves you. It’s how it is. Easy. Trust that it is as it should be. Dance with it. That is beauty of life in all Creation. That is the Spiral movement and the secret to life. This is true math-e(quals)-magical law. The only Law. ' She serves an image for my mind to decode. I see his love flowing through me like healing. It takes away all the old wounds and fills the gaps. It makes my heartbeats steady. It lights up my inner world. Like white shimmering pearls in my blood. He then gently, but determinedly, removes the black pearls. I want to wriggle out of his grip, because this action hurts. He holds my heart so gently I barely feel it, but know it belongs there in his hands. He says: ‘Have faith. Trust me.’ The sting is only momentarily and leaves a burning gold of soothing light and then it’s gone. The wronged Child yields. I accept. Whatever noise The Ego makes, whatever illusions she tries to conjure, she is dying. The fear of many now nameless conditions fade away. Whatever battle she pulled, he had a counterstrike. Love. He loves me. It dissolves everything. I have never seen it before. It’s a new experience. And somehow it works. It fits. It has a place and a structure in this Universe. We have a vibration. A song. I see love interwoven everywhere. It is the fabric of life. I’m alive. Tears of release, tears of Grace fall from my eyes and make a pool in front of my feet. The remains of the Broken Heart dissolving. It’s an old story. About a Woman I don’t know anymore. There is a beautiful Woman holding the Key. And a beautiful Man by her side who holds the Lock. The Lovers. The Romancers. The White Lady releases her embrace and her branches open. I am back in the Forest. I catch a fleeting glimpse of The White Deer, as she jumps from the clearing. I am loved. I did the work. I walked through. I called him to me. Powerful stuff, reality.