Saturn journey

I walk into a burning House. A house that never burns to the ground. The Fire there nurtures. Or ignites. He sits in there, the ancient Key-maker. At last he's returned to this house. I know he’s just a temporary lodger. His visits are rare.

‘I have been waiting for you,’ we both say.

He is telling me stories of truth. I ask why he never told me before. He says: ‘You had not the ears to hear them. You feared me, and see now how simple it all is. Love is your greatest strength. You are love and compassion, as everyone is, when they accept it is so.

Allow the boundaries of this dimension work its magic on you. You will not find it better anywhere else in cosmos. They are there to mould and shape with pressure and time.

What happens when you push and then hit the unmovable Rock that’s in your way? Like a wronged child being denied something it wants. NOW. You hurt yourself unnecessary. You damage yourself. You go crazy over accepting reality, when you’re fixed on wanting it to move faster. Let this Love unfold in the speed that serves you. You wanted it this way, remember? It’s all made by you, for you. That is the game here. Obey its rules and win.

Like the greatest art work. Slowly being carved into perfection. Making sure it has perfect measures, thus it takes up no unnecessary space in this Universe. It has a perfect vibration, a song of its own. Created proportionally perfectly it becomes beauty. And everything else around it will align and vibrate with their purpose. Singing together it becomes this symphonic event that is called gOd. Patience. Proportions. Faith. Compassion. Knowledge. Wisdom to see that everything is unfolding at everyone’s best. Building blocks from gOd creating gOd. Allowing all to be spiraling into further creation. That's the Mystery. It's simple math.

Are you then a slave to the conditions of physical law of this Earth or are you its Master?

He points to the Owner of this House. You can always walk between the Worlds. Talk to Universes. Find the Books in the Library and read them. Out loud if you wish. Only those with ears will hear. Talk to Planets. Dance with archetypes and energetics. Spot those who are not of your Earth and know all is Eternal. And well. But can you translate THIS energy into physical and live it? Be it? Touch it? Love it? Create from within it? Grow old with it? Your time is NOW.

Understand now, finally, that YOU have chosen this walk on Earth freely. Out of Love. Accepting this gives you great possibility, passion and power. Give up the fight against this Truth.

There is great love over there in my House. For him. From him. Let it grow. Slowly, surely, adaptable, according to plan, according to the Laws of creation, according to the law of Earth, then you can both contain it. It’s how it’s best. That allows for a flow that paves the way for your mission together. All doors will open. This is how you win. As above, so below. It is painful to feel Love energetically and not being able to translate it into physical experience, while you are indeed in the physical. As within so without.

This is my Law. In my House. You chose to make me the Master. Understand it now. Allow it. Here where you can fathom it.

If you see this Truth, you have won the Key and my favor forever. Let that be the Wisdom of the Broken Heart.

I take the Key from his hand and place it in the lock inside.