We move and perform from within to without those harmonies our love creates.

Whatever the notes, they offer a serenity that translates into a music so sweet and magically soothing; it softens the velvet night and smites us, but keeps us awake, stirred by its arousing caresses, like life’s first champagne leaving you feeling tingly with blushing cheeks and a heaving chest.

It's a symphony playing from everywhere in the Air.

The Moon, its Maestro, fully illuminates before it darkens; but still everything expands, widens, broadens and invites us to venture the next level. The dimmed light has immense power under its blood red shade. It sneaks in to reveal the passages within, the ones we forgot we had. Those tiniest doors lead us to the largest inner gardens. In here another thousand flowers will bloom. In these halls of sound and silence an infinity of heart beats will drum.

Like new galaxies, with universes and their stars ready to pick. It doesn’t matter which ones we choose, they all have us in them. The liquid ones and the firm. The here and the forever. The there and then. The now and always.

This knowledge flows and pours from his eyes. The touch of his hands leaves a trail of gold dusted fingerprints on my cheeks and arms. The way he moves and orbits around me causes our heart beats to align.

The centrifugal and the centripetal.

His radiant liquidity is contagious. Agreeing on the yes, we surrender into a constant flow. Sure enough; when the hand reaches it receives and when the hand offers it gives. The exchange is balanced and thus becomes lasting abundance. This love is so potent. It uplifts and reestablishes the true essence of soul to the self, and from the self back to the soul.

Soul unity. The words and visions are the same. It’s my energy prolonged and his extended. Wherever he moves I am magnetically pulled in the same direction. Gravity. We no longer walk alone. Any course we take from here justifies any ‘why’, should it go unanswered.

He is part of me. And I of him. Whatever we choose. There is no sweeter music than this. My structure is smoother, like the volcano that finally erupted.

Sleep fails to reach me as I am kept awake from the magical music and notes playing out loud in my mind. As if I'm never to forget this score. I see there is creation in its structure, and the cadences are still sounding from my lips as morning comes.

This night has bestowed upon us a light that will shine now in the footsteps we leave behind, as we journey out into this adventure of ours, the one that was composed for us, but written by us. Harmonised by acting upon it. Loving within it. The Singing along that began as a matching inner hum.

A journey of certainty and elegance. It aligns our timing of individual acts to common synchronicity. And as we begin to change and imprint the world, it responds. The stars shift. They sing: Engage, engage.. leave nothing, but absolutely everything to this sort of chance. It’s not random, it’s ultimate creativity. Let nothing happen to you, but let it happen for you.

From that place within, from where everything begins and ends, it all aligns.

The harmony of hearts exchanged, mirrored and united.