Believe and Win

To believe… And to win? I have an abundance of hard earned strength, so why take another round acting on weakness? Fighting Fire with so much more Fire there’s bound to be explosives. But this is what I'm build for. It's where I excel. And we are not calm people. It’s the unlike signs that become a negative. I suppose it’s easier that way. Those components may even each other out. This is not the case here. We add fuel to the flamboyance. Flames of that intensity need some amount of effort to control.. It will surely be fun and intense. But easy was a wishful bargain. This is 'all passions' overload and we need to be mindful where it’s directed. Out of control or deliberate, determined and utilized? We both have the gift of Vision, we can see it all dare we look; to see how it begins and if and whether it ends. Choice to stay or walk away. We can see beyond the trite and the ordinary. But trite and ordinary IS part of life. 'Boring' may at some point very well serve as the hammock in the forest clearing. We are waiting at the gates. I don’t remember why we came here. It seems like a déjà vu and not right. Dark skies. A scent on the Wind tickles my nostrils. Recognition. We have been here before. But not together. One look and The Guardian sends us away. ‘Your task was NOT to build Castles in the Air. Your material consists of something far more important. Build something solid instead, please. This is the Arena for those type of dreamers only who build illusions, hope or converse with shadow or wraiths. They linger, because they are lost in their dreams or their nightmares, unaware of their potential. With little hope of ever snapping out of it. Your purpose for meeting is not my department. This is NOT your task. Go away. You are utterly wasting not just MY time, but Time as such!’ He slams the door. We look to each other. Puzzled. Wondering why we even came here. We shook hands. On a New Moon. This was not our exit. We must aim for higher. Renew the promise. Keep to it. Do better. Remind each other. We can do anything. Our substance can take it. The good days. The bad days. The openness. The honesty. Even the aggression and the rawness. The parts where we do not agree. Learning that compromise does not translate into sacrifice, we are not belittling ourselves, we are growing. The stubbornness is just that, we can step aside and allow for something new to appear instead of going back. And be surprised. There’s no reason to succumb to fear. That land is wasted. We’ve been there. Paid. Left a large tip. It’s time to step up. Do what we came for. For a minute I forgot that it’s good to push and be pushed. It’s what we do. This force and strength is fitting. We thrive here, if we let ourselves be, that what we are. I see crystal clearly the pool of potential here. For a minute I forgot who we are. That minute has passed. I am not a bashful, blushing school girl anymore. Building illusions and living in dreams. I will not apologize for being powerful. I will not cringe. I am made for something solid. Something with a promise and a purpose. Love is greater and this is it. This is it. Love is the conscious choice to grow. And this IS love. It’s up to us what we do with it. But we must do better with such a rare and beautiful gift. I am not hopeful. I am sure. Believe and Win.