For Ida / Equinox

We walk quietly.

There’s a presence here. The feather falling from above and the silence it makes make me tilt my head and look. A Shriek.

The She-Hawk inviting the group in. The inside out-ness and we walk in the Mirrored state. Together.

The Heart to Heart with The White Lady in the tree speaking secrets individually. The one who takes our tears.

She whispers to me that earlier steps and rituals made where never in vain, but had invisible, inner roads, not here, but there. Not mine to take; but made for someone else. A pact was made. We are all the same. It doesn’t matter who takes it. As long as it’s love it’s never wasted on the ego.

Initiation. Equinox. We are thanking the Light. We know the Dark is coming. We thank the Day and the Night. The elements and directions. Above and below. The Circle lights up. We are in.

By holding of hands we walk in the crack between. Light making. Dark breaking. Aware. Seeing. Knowing. Dancing and laughing at horny deers calling out to us. We are amidst our own power here.

We separate already altered and dreaming.

I’m on a battlefield, carved to the bone after having had an entire Universe of Dark Angels pass through me; letting them transform back into light. I’m in the void, but aware, alive, just unable to speak or to move. Knowing healing is coming. And until that takes place I am petrified in my body. Transformation and a new Life. One without the demons.

She comes. Tall. Powerful. Beautiful. The Goddess of light. Through the fumes and fires she walks towards me. Kneels. Sits down beside me. Takes my hand and waits it out with me. She begins to sing. She sings me back to life. Patiently. Lovingly.

My Angel. And the Circle is complete. Never broken.

Ready for Fall.