Love..Thy will be done..

The rites of passage. Defining initiations. When does the last step move into becoming the first new, when there’s no pause in between? Done! Begun! So quickly we run through life unaware. A becomes B. Alpha to the Omega. The first becomes the last. Step into new arenas, file the old chapters, turn the page. Unknown, yes, but potentially greater. Isn’t that simple evolution? Aware of the flow of love that prompted us to leave, but in that same motion.. arrive. I am standing at a crossroad. Out here in the inner sphere engaging in the final verdicts. A defining race toward a golden finish line; the last loop of an orbit, returning, serving me images of a life long list of choices I made. And I'm tired of looking back, as if it's all I've ever done. Let's be done with it...The future is right here, inviting me over.. The choices yet to come. I see I have to make one right here. He points to his Heart. Right there. ‘Push,’ he says. ‘Push through!’ I am surprised, because I was holding back. The fear of showing intensity and crossing over the threshold prematurely. But he says ‘Push harder. Show me the wild side. Be real with me! I want the friction.’ I was prompted to speak. Energetic and magical words. Inspired and formed by the serendipitous events of the past few months, perhaps always there waiting to be born to this world and take their course. Their vibrational purpose. They fell into me, out of me, made from within the Sacred Heart. That golden thread he spun from my heart’s strings. I somehow always knew. Those enigmatic spells, which hold but one purpose. And I hesitated. I was shown cause and effect. And because of fear, I waited. I should have spoken freely and strong, and now I am causing ripple effect and possible earth quakes. And the mess is all mine to clean up. Instant karma.

When the alchemical Fire burns your Wood down and the friction finishes, take the Diamond. It’s rightfully yours. Please, bring balance to the World by taking what’s yours. Leave that which is not. Make it or break it. This schizophrenic signature, the constant ache from being stretched. The span from those pushy planets that want me away, afar, abroad and beyond, on distant shores with scents of salty air and setting suns over bleeding waves, to the magnetic pull back by a contradictory homesick Moon.. A Moon that finally may see her place in the World. The tribe. The family. She speaks loud and clear to The Soul that recognizes her Lover. By Heart. This is mine. It’s time I claim it. How powerfully beautiful energy can be once spoken. Once directed. Accepted. Expected, even. And reciprocated. Returned. Exchanged. Set into motion. Activated.

'What happens now?' he asks.. This is where we begin. Now we start. Making it! And the voice in my Heart has completely taken over. Finally.