Sweet parting

Sometimes split seconds are all you need. The instant awareness that comes from feeling the instant shift of energetic combinations, picking up on a vibe in the air. The waves pulsate. I decode and recognize. It forms a smile. Like a bell inside it ignites the hum and the music begins. That knowing forms an instant impulse to my brain. So slowly we move in the physical. My Soul already sings along to this song. But bound by the earthly laws my limbs must obey, knowing they are somewhat helpless in his presence, though my spine is growing stronger, I lift my head and lock eyes with him. It’s that! The look across a crowded room. It holds within it an infinity of yet untold tales, musical scores to songs of love, many more reasons to smile, and the potential of our union simply takes my breath away. Tonight there’s a presence, as we’re approaching by light speed and racing pulses the threshold where A Winged Messenger is already knocking on the Door to an important celestial meeting. He says: ‘This Room is one of Peace; I will be quiet as long as I can, but I do have some news.’ I just know it will be one of those meetings! The topics on that agenda are such greater things as World Peace, Purpose and Passion, pushing through Fears and Inhibitions, but like the uninvited 13th Fairy there’s an even higher Will omnipresent; a will that secretly summoned this very meeting and has an agenda of its own. That agenda is always a trump, and will in any given dispute entirely dismiss whatever cosmic law present. It has but one purpose only. Love. As those higher seemingly invisible influences drizzle their stardust in our drinks, and we sit dangerously close to one another, eyes-locking and heart-exchanging, hands-courting and karma-kissing, words of that higher will are descending and dancing to the music my breathing in his breathing out makes. This date is divinely and timely orchestrated. We willingly agreed to take upon us our purpose on this rainy night. This is in spite the odds the easiest assignment yet. Reluctantly unlocking embraces, loosening grips and untying tongues, we kiss goodbye and move physically apart.. The parting is close to painful. And I am still surprised by the intensity of this rare union. I wonder if this is happening to him too. Alone again I feel a presence with me. The lingering of his? Or something that has been growing since our life lines crossed and united the first time? But then again.. When exactly was the first time? The presence is so bright. Light begins shining through, extending every physical border of me. Whatever it is, it’s growing thoughts in my head, weaving emotions from the golden thread in my heart and forming words in my mouth. Laden with all that, those words show me they have a mission, they have an address, a taker to whom they will impact, and I am not to interfere. I am just the messenger. They have to be delivered. Soon. I sit in the stillness of my Room of Peace and watch the light perform its miracle dance. I let it in. This bright new being in my life. A welcome new companion. ‘I will be quiet as long as I can..’