Secret Doors

The Universe we’re talking about, his and mine, is vast and broad and big and underneath those stars of infinity literally anything can happen. When in the presence of someone extraordinarily special with whom you can talk about such things that are between Heaven and Earth, space just gets a little bigger. He cracks my codes, and even points to bigger ones and supplies the plot with magic of his own. Slightly jaw dropped and willingly pinned I sit there knowing how much love there is right here in this microcosmic space that holds the distance from his end of the table to mine. Not the old perception of ‘love’ that makes me feel there is something to lose and I therefore need to be careful or even consider giving or taking, and that I either need to hold back to make sure there is some measured balance or pretend to be detached and play games with it. Just that kind of love that is everywhere surrounding us all, the one that is the very Creation and Vibration itself.. The very reason behind Breathing. And as this overture we’re performing continues to offer its samples of the themes this symphony will in time play for us, I let go of the final guard. An instant memory briefly dancing upon my inner eye of a ritual in a cave not too long ago.. Further fueled from that secret knowing, I can just sit here and feel free to think he is the most amazing being I've ever laid eyes on, inner and outer, and just be love, in love. It is intense and soon and sudden, but I do and I am, and I forget words like ‘too’ ever existed and just have to lock eyes with him to see that he’s aware of it too. His warm smile encourages me to access that door behind his gaze. Inviting me to venture his depths. It is such a fragile and beautiful gesture, and I would not have accepted unless I was sure. From in there he tells me a secret I already knew. The most reasonable thing anyone has ever told me. Everything he says makes perfectly sense. Purposefully. And all things begin to align. I feel peaceful. For some reason, not ecstatic nor intoxicated rather transcended from all the ‘-ines’ my helpless chemical brain so primitively continues to produce. In there I hear the same quiet hum that I’ve heard from my inner Universe. It grounds all these Airy qualities between us. It is so rare to meet someone who sings the same song you do, and all the words in the Universe cannot make promises or guarantees the way this does….. I feel my heart implode..