The Venus Diary

It is a majestic and passionate fixed essense sending it's message directly opposing a rather airborne fixed Shine; a fully aware hot blooded Goddess archetyping her verdict in the blend of this cascading Light show down. Like ancient Giants playing catch upon the edges of the Universes. Followed by a week of luminous lights slow burning across the late summer Night skies. A presence of the constant friction between Light and Dark that keeps Creation never ending.. Impossible to ignore or avoid. Now tell me gOd are you trying to tell me something? Perhaps that it is what’s causing the bright sparks of lights I see around him, around us and after parting they linger in my living room. Following my every step, hushing any attempted analyze. I have everything exposed, illuminated and on display, my Heart on my sleeve. The highly charged energetic is mocking me but also making me aware of its potential; this outset from struggling with the Sentinel but prevailing and then the journeying from Air into this Fire. From the 7th to the 8th. The equal and emancipated Lover and the pledged mission to light up the worlds.. There is a presence here, contained in these flickering lights; they are the sparks of potentiality. This rendezvous is surrounded and blessed with all the support and encouragement from the Heavens. Overly laden with matching ends. Ironically and suspiciously perfect. If only these two incredibly stubborn, scared and intimidated, damaged and overly precautious human beings would pause their eccentric overloaded constant thought producing abstract seeking patterns in the search for logical reason, disengage in thought and engage in LOVE instead. But that’s free will. Choice. The spark is there to potentially ignite a secret Fire; it is now up to them what to do with it. It’s a second chance coming.. Twist of fate? Can Heaven wait..? Or is that all it is, chance...? As some would argue; nothing is ever fated. .It’s is always ever only fueled and given life with choice and intent. These silly little erratic and emotional humans… It is but one day, and then the light will have left its mark and take another tour through another year of unfolding, furthering, building, blooming, or left to burn out, unchartered, unlived… Flickering lights sparkling in my room continue to bask like little Angels through this transitioning afternoon.. The bright Goddess sending her farewell kiss. Reminding me of a journey I did, and that the small steps I took are leading me to the BIG places. All is well.