New Beginnings

The wind may have changed from west to south and even if it does create a gentle and well needed push up those steep hills, giving those tired and aching legs a rest, it is but a short pause. The streak isn’t over. The sail is up; its’ not a question anymore, just a conclusion.. You are ready, so get to it!

It is instant delivery. Timely. Affirming and reassuring what I saw in those omens earlier. A distant call from those dark caves in the Oracle chambers underground, where the Fat Ladies dance to their hymn of eternal secrets and made sure, in case I missed it, that the waiter on the café later on gave me the message through a pun intended in a song too obvious to disregard as a coincidence. 'A heart beat, next to mine'..

A certain note in the glittering ice as the Sun miraculously shone through the dark clouds on that glacier in Iceland, and revealed just the right color Blue. That particular Tree in the back yard that made me seek council in the forest. The Forest!

It’s all a matter of perspective.

The Moon delivered her message to the fullest; loud, round and very clear by her pale reflection of The Light. She sang through my window, a song of magic and re-creation. And now, it’s that time of year!

The winds have changed. And I am setting my sail towards new and uncharted water. It’s time to put that gnosis into action. Knit from the woven string. It is testing times. Indeed. With unexpected company.

‘Your Chariot awaits, my lady’, the inner voice tells me, as the card falls from the deck. 7. New Beginnings. I am guided and protected.

This all serves the greater purpose; the destination where I am I fixed on arriving. Eventually…

Let’s go let’s go.. And thus a new journey is beginning; weaving from this one, that is just ending..