Another once in a lifetime opportunity.

The gap is a brief moment in time, opening up for me to enter into another fire.

Another song. A song for the life to come. The birth of the new.

The song is a vibrating call. It must wake the sleeping. It is that. It is time. A seed to be planted. The Rose that will grow cannot blossom just yet. But then again everything can happen with the right intent, the worlds will spin faster, the constellations will appear, or else we will defy the ruler, seduce the lords. If the soul is singing and there is ONE who responds to the Call. Aren’t we already doing what we’re here for? The rest will surely follow.

I know there’s a response. I see it already. I see the world slowly moving day by day. Stretching, reacting. And my Sun has already made the climb and is moving on. One foot in the Water. Testing.

The years it took journeying from The top of Arthur’s Seat having heard I needed to find a home and haven’t since and it wasn't there. To the Italian adventures and learning to walk with Angels again. Returning to the Top of The Sacred Heart Mountain in my desert with the ancient songs we sang there, and singing a new hope. The carrying of the Rocks and letting them go at the top of the mountain in the very heart of Italy and there meeting a Saint who escorted me safely down again. Promising me to stay walking by my side, even when he's not there.

'Once there were mountains on mountains..'

To the caves in the deep, hearing there’s an Oracle to be re-awakened. To the Ice and the Fire Island, and seeing that frozen water is melting, and just how loud the Earth speaks. And She was right, I haven’t left!

To finally being invited, deemed ready, and then received, baptized, initiated.. The final mountain with the defining answer.

I have only begun to see but a little of the Magic all this journeying has put together for me. What I have taken with me, and in return left behind. The color of the sand in a flaming sunset after tasting the Salt of The Earth. The wave that crushes the shore and instantly touches the place inside where sensory pleasure of the combination of salty air and deep blue is mixed and slowly heals a lonely traveler... And so many more energetic collections in the medicine bag!

The outer journey made beautiful scenery to accompany the inner. Never underestimate the power of places. Be aware of this seduction; the outer journey without the inner is just a walk on Earth. And a pretty one, if one is into such things.

‘Such is the stuff from where dreams are woven.’

In my dream I’m the only one who attends this institutionalized and loveless wedding naked. But in that same dream I am also invited to join a Musical. 'We begin rehearsing on the 17th.'

'One magical movement from Kether to Malkuth....'

It’s a balancing act. And how wondrous this waking up is. Slow, but happening. I too am stretching and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Everything I no longer need is being taken away from me. And I may object for a second, and then I see it’s a relief. How long this deconstruction will take, I don’t know. I just have to follow. And my dear friend has come to visit for a few days to make sure all this is done according to plan. But I no longer think he’s an unwelcome guest. I accept. He’s a door I can open and show him I am free. Now. The wound from the past is healing.

‘You can stay, but I’m off to sing in the Forest! I have responsibility to respond to and preparations to make! Planting a Rose is no small task and I cannot waste another second listening to your concerns anymore! If you really MUST stay, can you discuss this with my Moon, please? She too is a little worried still, and you guys might have a party...?'

One foot on the bike already, fertilizer and a watering can in the other hand!

On my way to the Stone Circle I am singing that song. The tune is already composing itself as I pitch in. I am just a component, but One that cannot be left out. I can’t stop. I can’t not sing it. Because it IS. It just is.

Knowledge is the bird that sings before Dawn. It’s the tune that wakes up the world from sleeping.

17. A watering can and the Rose.