’Follow me’, he says.

How can she not? The darkness and the moonlight and the hand he is offering make it an irresistible invitation. Her heart is racing.

The embrace is inevitable. Deep. Something that was withheld for not only an aeon, but also something that was promised and so long longed for. Finally, that touch allows every human fiber and every movement in every little live microcosmic cell to be activated and to find its resonating component in all the universes above and within, and suddenly there is the sound of the ancient song of creation as they unite in a kiss.

All of the worlds are illuminated. The light is everywhere. It finds every shadow, every dark corner, it lifts and soothes, it touches every heavy heart, brings the rotation back on course, the cracked is opened, the broken is healed, what is no longer needed is let go off. And there is peace.

Before time began. Before Creation. When they were only a thought. A thought of a purpose of Unity. And then Light. The crystals are resonating within. The ones that they placed within each other when they knew separation came.

‘I will come,’ he says as the image starts to dissolve and become blurry, and she feels the pull become lose again, and being lifted back and out of the space where time and solid features are not necessary for this kind of travel.

She wakes up in this dimension, and remembers instantly, that though her heart is aching, she is not lost. At all. The promise is made. There is purpose and passion. But there is a wound in her. He carries the same one. Until the illusion of separation and pain is acknowledged and healed. And the walk alone is not forever.

'10: Eternity. Necessity. Destiny. Key holder. Memory. Heaven. Kingdom. Must learn discipline, honesty, humbleness, unconditional love and forgiveness.

No golden means!'

Though 5 holds the symbol for the wounds, it also holds and emanates the quality of Gevurah! And she breathes.

The full advice given plays upon her mind as she gets out of bed: ‘When you meet your Soul Mate, it is also a mirror..’

She holds the memory of that Light and knows. Keeping her part of the pledge.