Through the Looking Glass

How are you ever really back from something? Cause you are really not. The world here looks the same. But it is really (‘real’ being the operative word!) NOT.

gOd has tested me. To see if I was ready to give my Heart. If I had integrity. Devotion. Honesty. The spark in me.

So when SHE offered me the lit torch on that field I had already pledged my heart to the same fire.

The old world holds no more. It is not a world I could ever even live in. It was never a choice. Not there anyway. It was already made. It was always just the path. THE path. And that is what some may never understand. The countless crucifixions, the burning of 'dangerous' people, the witch hunts.. Fear of that truth is always the trouble.

I see now how we still treat people who holds the insight to this truth, the same way.

My Teacher said to me: It’s the knowing of that, that makes you so endlessly lonely, because you look at the world today and find how little meaning it holds for you. So you must walk alone until you find those equal minded soul mates. They are coming. Be patient.

The mirror will hold me to it. Every time I look at myself, I know it is gOd’s eyes looking at me. I’ve been on that journey.

I’ve climbed those mountains. I’ve left the old behind. I have been born again to this new life. I have even been baptized. I have said YES. I have given my heart. The BROKEN heart, that I see now had that ONE purpose; to be fully healed!

To be able to walk that path, you have to let it all go and give it all. Give the Heart.

I have accepted all the consequences, cause there is no fear in me anymore. There is nowhere else to go now. I’m IN that parallel world. I’ve walked through the fire. I have burned to death. What’s left is that flame that can never burn out.

And it’s ready to patiently let it all flow to me. As long as I keep walking towards it. With that pledge.

Heart to heart.

There are no mountains in Denmark. The mountain is in me.

In my heart I am always on that field singing in the flames.