GRAIL 46 / The Mirror

There were the first days. There was the space between. And then there were these two days.

In between the space between there was a focal point, that made time dissolve for just one second. A quick but eternal glimpse of the beginning of beginnings when darkness filled the void and then Light came.

A mirror.

The whole journey met in that one glance when gOd and I made eye contact. And we looked at each other. And for that brief but eternal moment we saw ourselves in ourselves. I knew I was Truth.

'Follow me through the Darkness,' he was singing to me, and he has been for a long time. The two black mountains he's heading towards and beckoning me to follow, are tall. Between them a cave forms. A passage through. Dark. I hear the mountains hum a deep dark song that is making my heart race.

I follow through and reach the place in the middle where the path is too narrow to continue, and I am stuck in the middle of two sharp rocks. But I am not afraid. I know there's no limitation there anymore. This is transcendence.

The path between the two black mountains in my meditation is a gift.

And I know what it means. A mirror. It's always a mirror. And in there in the middle of the mirror, the worlds reversed, and thus freed me and let me loose in the alternate reality!

Up the real mountain on the hike that seems endlessly long and forever in the 30 degrees heat, I am gifted with the one answer to my one question. I tell her: 'I too came here to go singing into the flames.'

And I realize, that's all I came for. Whoever thought they could ever burn me to death, have only lit my inner eternal fire!

I came here to go singing into the flames and die unto Truth.

My fire is eternal.