GRAIL 46 / Esclarmonde

It's hot and it's a constant never ending climb up hill.

We are walking the same path they came, when they fled with their beloved secret. The place is serious.

The conditions of being concentrated on where to step on the slippery rocks and wet forest floor, the extreme physical activity and therefore deep breathing, combined with the intense energy of the place; the trees, the path, the ones who walked here and left a trail of integrity, knowing and devotion, the living mountain that craves your heart or nothing at all, and that soundless song that constantly surrounds you, whether you want to, realize it, hear it, sing along to it or not, create a trance like state for your climbing.

So when I finally pause to calm my racing heart, that wants the mountain as much as it wants me, and for a moment look up to actually physically see the beautiful nature surrounding me, I instantly notice something written with huge red marks on the tree in front of me!!

It's a sign that sends me a message that cannot be ignored or ruled out as a mere coincidence! But how...?

The Universes are turned inside out. 'Everything is possible here,' my Teacher says. 'I'm not surprised!'

'You are close now.' I recognize that voice in me, that has been talking to me for weeks. The one I couldn't place.

I have arrived. The field is beautiful. A magic serenity holds this sacred spot.

And then there is peace.

At my return after 8 hours of almost nonstop hiking, I feel fulfilled. There are no more voices or question inside. I'm delivered. The journey is complete.

And yet.. There is a cave still, that will remind me that it holds the key to my next journey.

I have pledged to walk the way of the heart. I am aware of the consequences. But it's the only way I can go.

Now that I know.