GRAIL 46 / DAY 3 The Bride

I'm heartbroken and whole.

I have been wrestling with the angel of God.

There is a path in the woods there in Rennes les Bains that leads to certain death.

The ancient sages are singing a song that echoes in the trees. 'We honor the legacy of our wise ones here.'

In the crypt where the wise ones came to die, I also surrender and ask to die the little death. Accepted.

I am asked to use my Fire on my Water. And be less, but then much more. And when I open my eyes, I see the rock triangle right there on the forest floor before me. It was right there!

Above me a Dragonfly has conquered the Air, and shows me he can fly without moving.

On the path down my Teacher stands by the well. He baptizes me. I was never baptized before, so I know what it means! And though I am raw, new born, fragile and Heartbroken I feel beautiful. And alive.

' I will teach you how to see,' SHE whispers to me as we drive through the Valley of God.

In The Garden of Mary I finally meet a true Mother of Earth and Water. And I see I already know her. At the right time in our deep conversation she tells me the ancient secret that where salt and fresh water meet is a holy place.

I see that everything in my path has led me here. I claim my place among the line of soul mate meetings, and remind myself that I'm part of the equation. And that I will see her again!

The church holds up a mirror. I walk through the looking glass and from the space between here and there I look back at myself. Inside. And outside. And back at the world.

I see The Bride oiling His feet.

This was day 3.. Trinity.

Rennes les Chateau.

Terribilis est locus iste.

Heartbroken and on my knees!