GRAIL 46 / Day 2 The Blue Angel

'Many women has walked this cave and entrance before you. They left something for you. Will you give? Or will you receive?'

The blue Angel caresses his face just before he leaves me to decide.

Inside I pray. I pray that I may pass on some courage and strength to shed and to keep walking through to the other side.

I have to get on my knees.. The opening is so small.. And upwards.. I am clawing and crawling up and out..I'm learning to be humble. To be gracious and grateful. That is true strength. That is true courage.

The second cave awaits.. The Birth. The opportunity to be born again. To a new life.

I accept. I enter. Unafraid. Ready. A sacred moment occurs and I pray.. And I see clearly in the dark. Again I fall to my knees. Head to ground.

And listen as I am being sung out of creation.

'Get up, walk..' And I hear a deep healing hum from outside the cave at the same time.. He calls me out.

'Get up, you are healed'.

My heart sings all the way to the top of the Venus Mountain.

Another choice awaits on the journey down. The path of initiation. Or the path around it. There is no way around it!

This was day 2.

The Venus Mountain.

With a Blue Angel's blessing to enter and a Sage's blessing to exit.

Up and down. In and out!