GRAIL 46 / Day 1


12+ 1.

The unseen. The hidden. And the 1 that was left out. And banished. That one that was the key. To leave you unprotected.

I'm on top of the first mountain, the fixed male, and am surrendering my heart to Mother Earth. Exhausted and warm. My wounds and bruises are so heavy up the steep rocks..

Flat on the ground. Face in the grass. Arms out. I just need to feel her. Here.

To surrender.

And the prayer comes. So easily the words find me.

'Holy Mother Earth Holy Moon. Holy Venus..'

I see it's a trinity. Of the Sacred Feminine.

'Show me... that I may.... and serve.. The light of The World..'

And the answer that is spoken in me fills me with peace. And absolution. Such a fine line, balance is. So soothing truth can be. Gentle and beautiful.

'Be the light of the world. Be beauty.'

There is a significant Full Moon tomorrow. And my room has a window with no curtains to offer me a full view.

It's also the only room with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling above my bed! Synchronicity is thick.

13. Unseen. But seeing...

This was day 1 walking. Up and down. The Fixed Mountain!