Alone in the forest

There is a White Lady in the Tree. She is the Keeper of the Stone Circle with the Big tree in the middle up there on the small hill.

She teaches me ancient knowledge that I have never known in this life. My soul tells me I’ve already learned this from another time, a time I can’t place. It’s a wisdom that is being sung out of this world from somewhere within, that does not come from the me I am now.

But I know her song. And what she sings to me is not strange, although odd and new. I know I have to follow through and just accept the message given. She concludes today's lesson with this: ‘Send out your blessings, pray for their hearts to be true…’

I ask if I can share her wisdom with my friend and I look up to find The crescent Moon hanging above her Crown, and I know that’s a definite yes.

My friend. I have brought her on this 3 hour hike to show her this place. To share it. I feel it’s time to not walk all these steps alone. And to share this big beautiful magical alive forest talking to the trees, the beings, the rocks.. The deer. The snails. But especially the Trees. That’s a strange teacher student relationship if there ever was one.

The forest is crowded today because of the holiday. People everywhere playing, picnic’ing, socializing, enjoying nature; all drawn out of the cities out of their homes and clearly smitten with all the magic, they surround themselves with on this holiest day.. I think of the beautiful symbolism; they are out here to breathe.. freely.. before they go back to their busy city lives.. Their everydays.. And today in the Christian tradition we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Breath.

We’ve met old friends, we’ve met the new, we’ve also met other powerful women, and I laugh at how often I’ve walked out there all alone meeting no one and the forest has been empty. Of humans, that is.

We walk under the trees away from the trail and into the deeper forest to find the Stone Circle. We leave behind us the buzzing of voices and laughter, and it gets a little quieter as we approach the big Tree in the middle of the Circle of old Stones. We each put our hands on the big Tree and fall into a quiet inner space, having our own private conversation.

‘Don’t you see, they’re lovers?’ She says, and for a second I’m confused.. She points upwards.. ‘They’re in a tender embrace, swirled around each other..!’

The first time I came here alone, I expected to find a vision and a whisper from those times when MEN sat around this tree on these stones and made decisions about this and that. Who knows what they were actually talking about in the olden days? But when I put my hands on the Tree and closed my eyes… It was a single, quiet image of WOMEN dancing. The Stones served as a Circle alright, but not just for sitting!

I look at the Tree and realize that my friend has seen something I haven’t. There are actually two trunks growing from the same roots merging with each other, reaching upwards and making them look like they’re One. Kissing. In an embrace. Two from One.

The New Moon has since our last ritual together grown into a Waxing. And I know. I’m not alone in the forest anymore.