The Earth sings

It’s an odd tune coming out of my mouth. It’s deeper than I thought, and the words somehow just form themselves rhythmically and easily. Somehow finding the melody and fit right in. It’s a song, and I have no idea where it came from. I did not come here with an intention to sing.

I’m in the middle of the field with the deer. The forest is behind me. A hawk is circulating above my head, but I know I’m not his prey. The well known shriek in the air awakens something, a feeling I used to know from somewhere. Else.

I’ve found yet another stone circle out here in my new sanctuary, and felt it absolutely necessary to sit on one of the stones and just surrender to the peace.

I hear myself thanking Mother Earth. Thanking her for everything she gives. I hear myself thanking her for holding the Water and not let it all wash over us at once, but letting it run slow. I thank Her for withstanding the intense Winds, by giving us the Trees for shelter. I thank her for giving us the Fire and enduring Flames, and I thank her for allowing me to walk Her.

Thank you for everything you give.

She reciprocates.. She makes me calm, She sends a ray of warmth up my legs and into my womb and it pulls me down a notch. It feels comfortable. It feels safe. She opens her Mouth to me, and she sings along.

The Earth is singing. And I sing along <3