New home

This is a truly magical place.

After observing the garden below my window, the big Red Beech, the tall wild grass and the flowers and the dance of something yet again invisible to the eyes, but not to the other eyes (and I catch it in a picture; exposed there at the very edge of the rays of the setting Sun; teasing my senses, that are tired after a few long days with the practical earthly labour of unpacking, little rest and no sleep), I come to the realization that I can see The Sun's movement around me in this place. And I reverse it and know that I am on the journey. It's me, us, Earth, touring.

There is so much light here; coming through every window at any given time of day. There are no tall buildings denying its rays to find me. Aha moment occurs in a flash; I am out of time out of place and I see it all clearly. What has been. And what is to come. And I understand my Sun.

In the evening I catch the Moon from my kitchen window; but there are a few nights to go. And we make a pact to meet then.

I am inspired to hum. It's an inner understanding, as if someone from a place afar, but within, someone I know and trust is telling me that my vibration is in that humming and if we hum together, it’s an action of both healing, clearing the old and manifesting the new.

My sister has my father's painting hanging on the wall. It was given to him by a close friend, who was an artist.

It's the image of the Danish fairy tale; The Nightingale. And I remember my father.

'Are you sharing what you know, acting what you believe?'

We have to sometimes move out and away to see the bigger picture. And remove the obstacles that keep the light out. And then it rushes in; everywhere!

It’s my first day here. And I am so in love <3