A visit to Hellisgerði

I was dropped off in the middle of the street, on the top of a hill in a small village at the bay called Hafnarfjörður.

When my lovely landlords, with whom I stayed privately in the suburbs of Reykjavik, had asked me about today’s trip, and I had said I was gonna try and go look for the elves in Hafnarfjörður, I heard the quiet conversation between the two of them behind the overbearing smiles; ‘She’s a crazy one this one, she also talked about magic on the glacier of Snæfellnes …when is she leaving again..?’

A very good friend of mine had connected me with The Lady, who works with elves of Hellisgerði.. I just wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. Today’s trip was round the beautiful Reykjanes; to go see breathtaking cliffs and coastlines, geothermal areas at Seltùn and lunch at Grindavik (hopefully spotting a whale or two- hence the name!) and then the very popular tourist attraction The Blue Lagoon!

I leaned over the counter at BSI and asked the lady behind it, if we would make a stop at Hafnarfjörður since we would drive in that area. Her eyes telling me, she knew why I was asking, locked onto mine and she whispered..

’Are you going to Hellisgerði?’

‘I’m trying to.. ‘

She gave me the directions on how to get there and said.. ‘She’s clairvoyant the lady there, you know.. ‘

Oh, I know!!

The guide also knew why I asked to be dropped off at Hafnarfjörður, as I told him I would be skipping The Blue Lagoon and going with him back towards Reykjavik instead.

Opening up to an Icelandic may sometimes get you the overbearing frown, but sometimes you hit jackpot and meet a kindred spirit, who will tell you why the energy is so intense and thrilling at Þingvellir, Snæfellsjòkull, that Gunna is still chasing her pot at Gunnuhver, why the ancient folk did not need Christianity; they needed someone who could speak to and please the Rocks, the Volcanos, the overthrowing Air, the wild Waves of the Ocean, the Sun, the Auroras..… The meeting of that someone will make your day tour a little bit more ALIVE.

With my phone’s on and off- again connection to the wi fi, which was as unpredictable as the changes of the weather of the Icelandic Spring, I actually managed to get in touch with Ragnhildur of Hellisgerði, and told her I would be coming.

I called her on my arrival, and she was just finishing up a meeting, and would meet me there later. Her voice in my ear: ‘If you’re sensitive, you will know where to go and feel it..’

Volcanic rock scattered here and there makes Hellisgerði a natural little park. I sent a thought out in the wind as I stood between two tall rocks, making an entrance to the place. ‘May I enter?’

The wind sent a whisper back.. A bell like heartily laughter.. ‘Yes’..

When I sat in Ragnhildur’s cozy warm house afterwards, just at the top of the park, having warm coffee, talking, feeling like I had known her forever, I told her what I had seen and experienced. And she showed me her drawings of the life there. They matched, and I was happy.

This knowing that there is a second sight in us, to see and be aware of other beings, of life amongst ours, that is equally as important and as existing, felt my heart with pure joy. Light beings with another consciousness, telling us stories, making us aware of parallel life, teaching us, lifting our vibration. Joy.

The beautiful meeting with Ragnhildur in The Elfgarden concluded my first trip to Iceland.

The place is absolutely magical.