Permanent permit to stay

'I thought I could organize freedom.. How Scandinavian of me.' -Bjòrk

For a few days now, Iceland has been whispering this little sentence in my inner ear: 'You can never leave Iceland now. You are forever changed. It's in your blood, in your heart and soul.'

Now I understand.

Here nature is alive. It's a living being. YOU will obey HER rules. And ask permission. And turn back if access is denied.

You will merge with her once invited.

You will breathe the air like you've never taken a breath before. You will taste the sweet water and something new will awaken within your depths. When you touch the rocks, you will feel the vibration of her heartbeat soothe the beating of yours! You will find her across the lava fields to the glacier tops. She is everything and everyone and everywhere.

And once you get that, she will follow you everywhere! That understanding will not go away. Ever!

I am a part of this living thing.

You can be too. It's not an expensive membership and you don't have to go through complicated initiations!

But you DO have to go out in nature whenever and as much as you can and make an effort and be still. Listen! You are nothing without her! Take care of her and remember how much she loves you!

Everything breathes together. And I do mean EVERYTHING.